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. >. 

■ .'.--^ 


••■■. .; 

•'. * '; < •#' 

■f, *' 



/ tV ^ S How shall I remain 

"3-" . y . 'V"[^BS 


against these 

stresses and strains? 


1970 Volume LXIX 

Longwood College 

Farmville, Virginia 

Nona Davis 


Lois E. Wells 

Business Manager 

Dr. William Frank 


these chapters fed by 



and revelations . . . 

From men and women 
of all groups . . . 

became more than 

mjy individual 


Because it is not lasting 

let us not fall into the cynic's trap 

and call it an illusion. 

Women need 


in order to find 

the true essence 

of themselves. 



All living relationships are in process 

of change, of expansion 

and must perpetually he building themselves 

new forms. 


We must use 

any signposts that exist 

to help us try to find 

a new path through the maze 

of tradition, convention 

and dogma. 






The here, the now, and the 


have always been the 

special concern of women. 


Purposeful giving is not 

as apt to deplete one's resources; 

it renews itself even in the 

act of depletion. 

Our efforts are part of 

the struggle to mature 

the conception of relationships 

between men and women 

and every step, 

even a tentative one, 



. / want first of all 

to be at peace with 




. . .you 

have set my mind 

on a 

journey . . . 

*#. W 

an inwardly winding 

spiral staircase of 




Henry I. Willett, Jr. 

With the ever-changing demands of a modern college, the means of 
meeting such demands are constantly under revision. During the 
past year direct administration-student confrontation was estab- 
lished at scheduled press conferences dunng which President Willett 
and other members of the administration made policy statements 
and answered questions posed by the students. In this year which 
ended one decade of Longwood's history and also looked forward to 
another, the physical as well as personality changes of the college 
were obvious. A ten-story dormitory was occupied and a second 
high-rise neared completion; construction on a laboratory school was 
begun; the addition of three new academic buildings to house the 
music, art, and home economics departments were also a part of the 
changing face Of the college. 

Since 1960 the student enrollment has almost doubled to a pro- 
jected 70-71 figure of two thousand students. In spite of such a 
growth rate the administration has sought to maintain a 
student/faculty ratio of fifteen to one and increasingly emphasized 
the importance of an individualized education for each student. 

The sixties have seen a quantitative growth in facilities, student 
enrollment, and faculty. With this has also come the constant de- 
mand for quality in all areas. Since the arrival of Dr. Henry I Wil- 
lett, Jr. as president of the college the total percentage of faculty 
members with doctorate degrees has increased ten percent to the 
present level of thirty -five percent. 

The session spanned a new decade and carried with it the marks of 
progress. Continued efforts by faculty and administration to meet 
the needs of this rapidly changing institution and the students were 
reflected by the ease with which the entire college incorporated and 
utilized not only new physical facilities but also new concepts and 
methods of education. Looking forward to the seventies, this session 
has foreshadowed a decade of increasing qualitative growth in both 
the undergraduate and graduate schools of this teacher-training in- 


(Left) Dr. Herbert R. Blackwell, Dean of the College and 
professor of English. (Below) John E. Carr, III, vice-president for 

Ruth B. Wilson, Dean of Students and Joanne Holt, Assistant Dean of 

Jimmy H. Paul, business manager and treasurer. 

Frank H. Williams, assistant business manager. 

Dr. Carolyn O. Wells, assistant dean of 
the college, and professor of biology. 


Timothy C. Brown, Lankford Building director 

(Left middle) ARA Slater; Billy Amonett, dir. of dining 
services; Miss Jo Newick, supervisor; Joseph Bongiorno, asst 

(Left) Residence dept. Seated: Miss Judith Hedrick, Mrs. 
Ercelle A. Whitt, Mrs. Sue Clark (day hostess), Miss Betty Jo 
Hamner, Mrs. Naomi T. Ordogh. Standing: Mrs. Martha 
Rock, Mrs. Flo Preas, Mrs. Nan Orange (night hostess), Mrs. 
Antoinette Goodman. Not pictured: Mrs. Thelam Baber, Mrs. 
Martha Crandall. 

(Left) Mrs. Frances Farrier, Bookstore manager, Mrs. Ruby 
Gordon, Mrs. H. C. Keyton. (Below) Mrs. Edith Ennis, 
Lankford hostess. 

(Above) Health Service: Mrs. Louise H. Foreman, Mrs. 
PalUe B. Foulk, Mrs. Frances W. Garland, Mrs. Eva F. 
Haley, Mrs. Janie H. Jones, head nurse; Dr. L. E. Wells, 
college physician. (Center left) College office personnel. 
(Left) Mrs. Bess Daniels, postmistress; Mrs. Mary W. 
Franke, asst. 


Emilie C. Holladay, Asst. Prof., Math 

Dr. Rosemary Sprague, Dist. I*rof., English 

Charles J. DeWitt, Assoc. Prof., Education 

Ben D. Sandidge, Asst. Prof., Foreign Lang. 

Dr. Shirley M. O'Neil, Chm., Dept. of Phys. and Health 

Dr. Elizabeth B. Jackson, Prof., Natural Sciences 


James W. Curley, Asst. Prof., Physical Sciences 

Phyllis W. Harriss, Asst. Prof., Phys. and Health Education 

James K. McCombs, Assoc. Prof., Music 
Dr. Leta Jane Holman, Prof., Biology 


Dr. Jung B. Ra, Asst. Prof., Education 

Fillmer Hevener, Jr., Asst. Prof., English 

Eleanor W. Bobbitt, Assocr Prof., 
Phys. and Health Education 

(Above left) Helen B. Savage; Asst. Prof., Philosophy; Kate G. Trent; Assoc. Prof., Educ. (Above 
right) Mrs. Johnny M. Narkinsky; Foreign Lang. (Above) Dr. Charles F. Lane; Chm. Dept. of 
History and Social Sciences. 

(Top left) Frances W. Gee) Asst. Prof., Home Ec. (Top right) Homer L. Springer, Jr.; 
Art. (Above) Dr. Alexander V. Berkis; Prof., History and Social Sci. (Right) Nancy 
Ann Andrews; Asst. Prof., Phys. and Health Ed. 


William J. Sowder; Prof., English 

John A. Hardy, III; Asst. Prof., Chemistry 


F. Edgar Thomas, Jr., Dir. of Public Relations 

(Left) Wayne K. Nunn, Asst. Prof., Foreign Lang. (Below left) Jane 
A. Farrell, Home Economics. (Below) Robert B. Thomas, Natural 
Sci. and Dr. Charlotte S. Hooker, Prof., English. 
Hooker, Prof., English. 


(Above) Nancy Anderson, Speech and 
Dramatic Art. (Left) Paul Roviillard, 
Instr., Art. 

(Left) Norman O. Myers, Assoc. Prof., Business Ed. (Below) Merry Lewis 
Allen, Assoc. Prof., Math (Bottom) Gerald J. Pyle, Jr., Instr., English 



(Below) Norma Jean Abbott, Math. (Right) Carolyn R. Callaway, Instr., Health and Phys. Ed. 


(Below) Wayne K. Meshejian, Asst. Prof., Natural Sci. 
(Right) Richard T. Couture, Asst. Prof., History. 



Barbar Heavilin, English 

Carol J. Drowota, Inst. 

Paul S. Messelink, Asst. Prof., Music 


(Top left) Walter M. Hathaway, Asst. Prof., Art. (Top 
right) Frederick C. Mortimer, Asst. Prof., Geography. 
(Bottom left) Betty Ann Bowman, Assoc, Prof., Health 
and Phys. Ed. (Bottom right) Miguel A. Silviera, 
Electronics Engineer. 

William T. Duke, Instr., Government 

(Top right) Billy S. Batts, Assoc. Prof., Biology. (Bottom left) Cada R. 
Parrish, Asst. Prof., Math. (Bottom right) Dr. Edith S. Daubner, Educ. 
and Philosophy. 


(Top) Dr. Alexander Theroux, English. (Bottom 
left) Josephine H. Magnifico, Asst. Prof., Math. 
(Bottom right) Pil-Yull Ra, Asst. Prof., Govt. 


(Top left) Dr. Robert T. Brumfield, Prof., Biology. (Above) 
Evelyn June Glass, Math. (Left) Emily Clark, Assoc. Prof., 
Music. Opposite: (Top left) Darrell G. Harbaum, Assoc. Prof., 
Music. (Top right) Annie Lee Ross, Assoc. Prof., Art. (Middle) 
Warren O. Eyster, Asst. Prof., Enghsh. (Bottom) Dr. Mary A. 
Heintz, Prof., Health and Phys. Ed. 

(Top left) Sally Bush, Instr., Health and Phys. Ed. (Top 
right) Robert S. Wu, Asst. Prof., Math. (Right) Edwin H. 
Vasser, Assoc. Prof., Educ. (Below) L. Marshall Hall, Assoc. 
Prof., History. 

(Left) Dr. Barbara B. Smith, Assoc. Prof., Health and Phys. Ed. 
(Below) Dr. R. Beatrice Bland, Assoc. Prof., Educ. (Bottom left) 
Dr. William L. Frank, Chm. Dept. of English 


(Above) Earl A. Rubley, Assoc. Prof., Geography. (Right) 
Sandra A. Bollinger, Instr., Math. 

(Top left) Dr. John W. Molnar, Chm. Dept. of 
Music. (Top right) Susan H. May, Asst. Prof., 
English. (Left) Fred P. Hemdon, Instr., English. 

i LI-. 

Dr. Elizabeth Etheridge, Assoc. Prof., History 
and Social Sci. 

Dr. Jo Leslie Sneller, Asst. Prof., Educ. 

Dr. M. Bruce Glascock, History 

Dr. Floyd F. Swertfeger, Prof., Educ. 

(Top right) Carolyn M. Craft, Asst. Prof., English. (Above 
Foster B. Gresham, Prof., English. 

John M. Austin, Asst, Prof., Phys. Sci. 

(Top left) Dr. Merle L. Landrum, Chm. Dept. of Business Ed. (Top 
right) Willard Glenn Leeper, Assoc. Prof., Business Ed. (Above) M. 
Henry Bittinger, Assoc. Prof., History and Social Sci. 

Top: (left) Dr. Robert L. Banton, Assoc. Prof., Educ. (Right) Mrs. Mary S. Woodburn, 
Instr., English and Speech. Bottom: (left) Mr. Richard K. Fletcher, Jr., Dept. of Natural 
Sci. (right) Dr. James M. Helms, Prof., History and Social Sci. 

. . everwidening 

circles of contact 



mj mind 


with it. 


Front Row: Bonnie Bowers, Claudia 
Cunningham, Susan Davenport, Mary Margaret 
Holm. Second Row: Janice Hudgins, Bev 
Johnson, Leslie Nuttall, Vivian Whitted. Third 
Row: Phyllis Carter, Joan Harrup, Marg 

Front Row: Suzanne Turner, Candee - 
Dickenman, Chris McDormeU, Pam Crowder, I 
Andee Myers, Kitty Wyman. Second Row: Sarah 
Brown, Mary AUce Elwang, Joyce Temple, ^ - 
Connie Williams. 

Top Right: Alice Wholey, Joyce Temple, Libba Ball, Leslie Nuttall 
Joan Harrup. 

Above: Phyllis Carter, Jean Kay, Julie Wright. Standing: Jeanette 
Bickings, Nancy Parsons, Sandy Peterson. 

Janice Austin, Dillard Vaughn, Susan Davenport, Chris 
McDonnell, Barbara Snellings, Linda Driver, Jo Ann Melchor, 
Jill Randolph. 


Sarah Brown, Claudia Cunningham, Vivian Whitted, Barbara Roukema. Candee Dickenman. 
Cheri Weeks, Betty King, Marg Nuckols. 



CHI, an institution as old as the college itself, is 
one of the many traditions which is interwoven with 
the spirit of Longwood. Evidences of CHI include a 
symbolic skull and crossbones on the sidewalks, a ban- 
ner at various college functions, and a group of girls 
clad in white as they chant late at night; yet, the es- 
sential purpose is to encourage and maintain the spirit 
of cooperation among students in every phase of col- 
lege life, to foster the high ideals and traditions of our 
college, and to be an organization which seeks to rec- 
ognize honorable attributes in others. 

To Longwood students and graduates, Chi of 1970 is 
very proud to present the BLUE AND WHITE 
SONGBOOK so that this collection of class, color and 
college songs will contribute to and be a reminder of 
our essential purpose. 

First row: Christy B. McConnell, Janice M. Austin, S. Dillard 
Vaughan, Joanne Melchor, M. Susan Davenport. Second row: P. 

Cherie Weeks, Barbara M. Snellings, Janice R. Hudgins, Andrea L. 
Myers, Joyce A. Temple 


Front Row: Mary Alice Wholey, Jenny Young, Bev Hampshire, Barbara Snellings, Linda 
Southworth, Mary Alice Elwang, Lois Wells. Second Row: Sherry Foglesong, Chris McDonnell. 
Sharon Broadfoot, Bev Johnson, Carolyn Allen. Third Row: Cherie Weeks, Andrea Myere, Jo Ann 

Alpha Lamda Delta 

Seated: Susan Adams, Sue Yeatts, Donna Gibson. Standing: Diane 
Bottoms, Debbie Kinney, Amelia Nespoli, Cheryl White. 



^^■■^^ v^^l 


* 11 


[ ^M 




d^ 4^ 



BB'S' ''•Tk 1 

i $ 




i \l/ 


mm ^i.,^i„.,i» 


W ^ 


* . jjjp^^K ^ j^ 

..1.1-1 :=^i 

r....4J|v,|..»««.l "* :j: 



Alpha Psi Omega 

Front Row: Susan Jordan, Kathy Goodwyn, Kitty Wyman, Pat 
Quinn, Nancy Parsons, Naonal Newman, Vivian Vascott, Pat Lucas. 
Second Row: Jenny Young, Sharon Bourne, Honore Holton, Sandy 
Peterson, Judy Fedzuik, Bev Hampshire. 



Kitty Wyman and Gail Womack (left) pack the car trunk as Susan 
Jordan (below) carries another box of food collected in the group's 
service project. 

Front Row: Pat Seaman, Linda Chewning, Sharon Deitz, Sandra 
Grizzard, Kitty Wyman, Susan DuPriest, Virginia Knight, Linda 
Holt; Second Row: Lynn Giles, Betty Johnson, Mary Margaret 

Holmes, Chris McDonnell, Jenny Young, Gayle Yeatts, Naonal 

Lamb'da Iota Tau 

Pi Gamma Mu 

Front Row: Jenny Young, Bev Cook, Ingrid Bogie, Sharon Bourne, 
Janice Davis, Bonnie Andrews. Second Row: Kitty Wyman, Carolyn 
Cummings, Roz Hammond, Brenda Faulkner, Judy Haynes, Ann 
Sprint, Nona Davis, Andy Myers. 




Seated: Lynda Davis, Louise 
Hanbury, Brenda Allen, secretary; 
Barbara McCord, president; Lynn 
Cothran. Standing: Ethel Styles, 
Ruth Durham, Carolyn Allen, Bev 
Ryder, treasurer. 

Delta Psi Kappa 

Carolyn Thompson, Lynne Coleman, Lynda Driver, Barbara 
Snelling, Mrs. Eleanor W. Bobbitt, Betty King, Cherie Weeks, Betty 

Layne, Judie Guidice. Not Pictured: Linda Southworth, Phyllis 

Organ Guild 

Front Row: Vicky Smith, Jewel Catron, June Langston, 
Claudia Cunningham, Mr. Hesselink, Kay Johnson, Jill 
Kidd; Second Row: Jeanne Richardson 

Sigma Alpha Iota 

Front Row: Marie Ashlock, Nancy Parsons, Mary Anne Allman, 
Janice Brown, Helen Fortune, Loretta Shelton, LaDonna Bussard, 
Vivian Blanton; Second Row: Betsy Hammond, Willie Ann Voyten, 

Jeanne Richardson Sherry Foglesong, Vicky Smith, Claudia 
Cunningham, June Langston, Bonnie Ferguson; Third Row: Kitty 
Wyman, Jo Ann Melchor, Jill Kidd 


Phi Beta Lambda 

Front Row: Linda Carter, Susan 
Arhart, Margaret Angles, Val Duell. 
Second Row: Brenda Ange, Barbara 
Cooper, Sarah Winfield. Third Row: 
Judy Clements, Lois Wells, Donna 
Hale. Fourth Row: Anne Rowe, 
Jeanene Woolfolk. 

Pi Omega Pi 

Seated: Joyce Temple, 
Connie Barfleld, Cheryl 
White. Standing: Jeanene 
Woolfolk, Cindy Jamison. 



Betty Boylan, Joyce Carter, Phyllis 
Cole, Jane Donald, Susie Elliot, Mary 
Alice Elwang, Brenda Fariss, Brenda 
Fuqua, Faye Gustafson, Brenda 
Hamner, Janet Harpold, Brenda 
Johnston, Diane Johnson, Linda Lew, 
Rosemary Lohman, Chris McDonnell, 
Brenda Jo Mani, Beth Miller, Carol 
Mitchell, Pat Moore, Sharon Moore, 
Lillian Mustoe, Leslie Nuttall, Candy 
Rogers, Emily Salle, Penny Smith, 
Brenda Southworth, AmeKa Talley, 
Suzanne Turner, Connie Wilhams. 

Left: Seated: Susan Gilliam, Louie 
Wadsworth, Linda Parsons. Standing: 
Gail Blount, Susan Davenport, Linda 
Murad, Mary Alice Carmody, Ruth 
Booker, Margaret Meador. 

Kappa Delta Pi 

Winnifred Adams, Charlotte Bennett, Sharon Bourne, Marcia 
Bowman, Betty Boylan, Sharon Broadfoot, Nancy Broyhill, PhyUis 
Cole, Susan Davenport, Janice Davis, Brenda Fariss, Brenda 
Faulconer, Rebecca Frazier, Faye Gustafson, Brenda Hamner, Joan 
Harrup, Beverly Johnson, Sandra JoUiffe, Patricia Lenhart, Glenna 
Lewis, Rosemary Lohman, Ruth Loftis, Angela McClure, Barbara 

McCord, Joanne May, Donna Mayton, Lillian Mustoe, Andrea 
Myers, Leslie Nuttall, Mary Palmore, Ann Phillips, Bonnie Ross, 
Beverly Ryder, Brenda Southworth, Mary Spitzer, Joyce Temple, 
Danise Vass, Patricia Vaughn, Cheryl White, Vivian Whitted, Mary 
Wholey, Connie Williams, Marjorie Woolfolk, Cheryl Woosley, 
Kathleen Wyman 

Pi Delta Epsilon 

Standing: Sharon Dietz, Barbara Blythe, Susan 
Davenport, Bonnie Andrews, Lois Wells, Jill 
Randolph, Libba Ball, Lynda Davis, Margaret 


Seated: Casey Wilkes, Cherie Weeks, Martha 
Chevalier, Frankie Brown, Max Hall, Lynn 
Coleman, Sue Rinaldi, Brenda Brown. Sarah 
Brown, Andee Myers, Standing: Mr. Thomas C. 
Dalton, Janice Austin. 

Officers: Standing: Casey Wilkes, treasurer; 
Andee Myers, vice-chairman; Sue Rinaldi, 
secretary. Seated: Janice Austin, chairman. 



Seated: Mary Lou Whitehead, Dillard Vaughan, Bonnie Bowers, 
Chris McDonnell, Susan Davenport, Penny Jones, Joan Putney. 
Second Row: Sandy Oiliver, Julie Smith, Paulette Batten, 
Margaret Reynolds. 

(Left) Officers: Susan Davenport, vice-chairman; Chris 
McDonnell, chairman; Bonnie Bowers, secretary. 

f^' i n^'f^^m^ , 


Dorm presidents seated: Lucy Gilbert, Judy Turner, Curry; Jeanette Bickings, 
Wheeler. Standing: Mary Sampselle, North Cunningham; Carol Umdenstock, Cox; 
Mary T. Graves, South Cunningham; Ann Dyer, Stubbs; Eleanor Munt, Main 


Hall presidents 


Maxine Stone, Fire Warden; Ellen Lyon, secretary; 
Phyllis Carter, president; Cindy Reed, treasurer; 
Julie Wright, vice-president. 


French club 

Front Row: Sharon Fanner, Deanna Bryson, B. 
J. Diggs, Linda Rumpf. Second Row: Susan 
DuPriest, Peggy Anderson, Kitty Wyman. 

Spanish club 

Seated: Gayle Bryant, Brenda Sanderson, Pat 
Kite, Lynn Giles, Linda Bobbitt, Sue Yeatts, 
Amelia Nespoli, Elise Caldwell. Standing: Chris 

German club 

Seated: Liz McGee, Camile Primm, Sharon Bourne, Joan Hrubik. Standing: Katherine Hipskind, Frankie Brown, 
Harrup, Ah Shea, Joyce Gratchen, Diane Johnson, Lois Beverly Bagley, PhylUs Colomboro, Julie Smith. 




Seated: Carolyn Allen, Brenda 
Allen, Carol Hartman, Linda 
Harper, Jackie McClain, Louise 
Hanbury, Bev Ryder, Ruth 
Durham, Lynda Davis. Standing: 
Miss Jane A. Farrell, Beth 
Wooding, Barbara Ann Lewis. 

Young republicans 

Brenda Sanderson, Dale Payne, Mary Estis, Diane Haley, 
Linda Holt, Rosemary Lohman, Susan Christian, 
Stephanie Sivert, Libba Ball, Ann Holt, Sharon Stroud, 
Kay Fielder. 

Political science 

Seated: Mary Janss, Janice Davis. Cindy Ennis. Second 
Row: Gayle Yeatts, Marcia Harris, Stuart Windle, Julie 
Primm. Third Row: Sam Compton, Frances Sodini. 

.11 f. 

Student education 


Glenna Lewis, president; Betty Johnson, 
vice-president; Ginny Dawson, secretary; Sharon 
Woolson, treasurer. 

Young democrats 

Front Row: Janice Russell, Bonnie Bowers, Kathy 
McGuire, Francis Sodini. Second Row: Amy Cook, Jo 
Anne St. Clair, Deborah Batty, Sarah Donato, Phyllis 
Wilson, Becky Payne, Julie Primm, Stuart Windle. 


Officers: Seated: Leslie Nuttall, vice-president; Candee 
Dickenman, president; Standing: Sharon Moore, 
treasurer; Brenda Morene, secretary. 

Seated Front Row: Debbie Chapman, Emily Inscoe, 
Myra Jemigan, Dragon Chandler. Seated Second Row: 
Sally Foster, Shelley Clare, Kay Burcher. Standing: 
Leslie Nuttall, Lois Wells, Kathy Murphy, Suzanne 
Curry, Sharon Moore, Bev Aston, Ellen Dunn, Brenda 
Morene, Candee Dickerman, Nell Skinner. 


Freshman Commission 

Front Row: Myra Jane Jernigan, 
Lee Sharr, Joyce Page, Lynn 
Sherertz. Second Row: Kathi 
Weeks, Annlngram, Emily Inscoe, 
Cathi Loper, Becky West. Third 
Row: Judy Wimmer, Dragon 
Chandler, Debbie Chapman, 
Mary Elizabeth Dixon. 

Granddaughters' Club 

Seated: Maiy Alice Elwang, Jeanene Woolfolk, Julia Stephenson, 
Joyce Terry. Standing: Libba Ball, Kathy Barclay, Brenda Bevard, 
Mary Adkisson, Susan Adams, Sue Davis. 


Peggy Allen, Bev Aston, Louise Bailey, Kathy Barclay, Anne Becht, 
Cynthia Borill, Demetra Bradford, Cheiyl Brown, Frankie Brown, 
Janat Brubaker, Nan Byrd, Terry Van Canfort, Harriet Carrow, 
Martha Chevalier, Trudy Chowns, Phyllis Colmbaro, Patti Coogan, 
Alice Conway, Betty Jo Coverstone, Terry Crump, Ann Marie 
Daley, Cheryl Draper, Linda Droste, Jane Eddy, Betty Ann 
Glasheen, Donna Gleason, Sandy Grogan, Tinker Habel, Helen 
Hance, Pincky Harrison, Renea Harrison, Carol Hartman, Mary 

Officers: Mar>' Jane Heilman, Betty Jo 
Coverstone, J ana Brubaker, Barbara 
Leahey, Frankie Brown, Sandy 
Grogan, Pat Necessary. 

Jane Heilman, Sharon Jefferson, Marj' Johnston, Linda Jones, 
Penny Jones, Ceuthy Keene, Debbie Kenny, Barbara Leahey, Verona 
Leake, Melinda Lewis, Susie Lynch, Jody Mace, Martha Marchese, 
Sandra McMurtrey, Debbie Morton, Pat Necessar>', Jan Porter. 
Joan Putney, Melanie Raper, Babe Richards, Tricia Shaw, Ellen 
Shell, Lee Southall, Sharon Smith, Laura Stanford, Pokey Stevens, 
Laura Trimble, Joan Todd, Gail Waldron, Shirley Warlick, Sue 
Wilke, Lynn Woodlief. 



Seated: Michele Corey, Shelia 
Connors, Kathy Seifert. Standing: 
Mary Martin, Stephanie Sivert, 
Amelia Nespoli, Judy Donohoe, Jo 
Ann Rateau. 


Bonnie Andrews, Marie Ashlock, Libba Ball, Vivian Blanton, 
Barbara Blythe, Jenny Boykin, Cheryl Brown, Janice Brown, 
Claudia Cunningham, Theresa Elder, Sherry Foglesong, Helen 
Fortune, Nina Garrison, Donna Hamilton, Betsy Hammann, 
Nancy H2irdman, Kay Johnson, Jill Kidd, June Langston, 
Sharon Lee, Anne Lewis, Alice Moore, Valerie Nelson, Jimmie 

Lu Null, Nancy Parsons, Susan Puryear, Jeanne Richardson, 
Cindy Sasser, Sue Satterwhite, Linda Smith, Susan Smith, 
Vicky Smith, Julia Stephenson, Diane Stout, Susan 
Thompson, Sherry Turner, Wilhe Anne Voyten, Cathryn 
Webb, Kitty Wyman. 


Susan Adams, Lois Austin, Melinda Ayers — director, Mary Frances 
Baldwin, Susan Barnes, Jeanette Bickings, Martha Cafazza, Linda 
Clarke, Amy Cook, Ginny Dawson, Debbie Dent, Phyllis Dexter, 
Toy Douglas, Bonnie Drewery, Kay Duckett, Shirley Edwards, 
Sarah Farrar, Sally Foster, Sandra Foster, Sue Frame, Alice Garrett, 

Lynn Giles, Bobbi Gower, Mr. James Gussett, Jean Hill, Rev. George 
Wesley Jones, Linda Jones, Debbie Lewis, Melinda Lewis, Pat 
Lunceford, Heather McClanahan, Margaret Moseley, LesHe Nuttall, 
Ruth Ohl, Deborah Padgett, Shelley Pancoast, Darla Raney, Kathy 
Robertson, Sue Satterwhite, Penny Smith, Nancy Stout. 


Front Row: Susan Purglar, Cathy Webb, Cheryl Brown, June Langs- 
ton, Nina Garrison, Jimmie Lu Null. Second Row: Sherry Foglesong, 
Jenny Boykin, Janice Brown, Anne Lewis, Sharon Lee. 




Front Row: Jo Ann Melchor, Jackie White, 
Debbie Duff. Second Row: Suzi Johnson, 
Virginia King, Bobbie Hite, Cathy Leary, 
Linda Dexter. Third Row: Kay Curtis, Chena 
Allison, Cheryl Suddith, Donna Campbell, 
Susan Guild, Janice Hudgins. 

Lankford Student 

Seated: Lynn Kwiatkowski, Sarah Donato, Mary 
Curtis Conrad, Ed Koffenburger, Randy Graves. 
Standing: Jan Porter, Janice Russell, Suzanne 
Curry, Kathy Murphy, Lynn Wilson, Becky 
Payne, Bobbi Gower, Laurel Baldwin, Joanne 

Front Row: Debbie Brown, Carol Leacock, Elizabeth Dale, Sue Smith. Second 
Row: Pam Patteson, Fran Anthony, Margaret Meador. 


Joan Harrup, editor. 

Mrs. Ruth S. Taliaferro f?opJ and Miss Elizabeth 
Etheridge, advisors. 


Nancy Harris, business manager. 

Left: Val White, Lois Wells, Jeannie Kay, Mary Alice Carmody, Donna Wadsworth, Susan 
Davenport, Cathy Leary, Louise Dougherty, Naonal Newman. Above: Shari Heflin, Bonnie 
Andrews, Sharon Dietz, Penny Eberly, Jenny Young, Sharon Bourne, Gayle Yeatts, Marcia 


(Above) Mr. Warren Eyster, advisor. (Left) Susie Marsh, 
managing editor; Libba Ball, editor. (Below) Jody Mace, 
Bonnie Andrews, Lisa Worthington, Shan Heffin, Diane 
Weymouth, Alice Garrett, Susan Davenport. 



(Above) Lee Sharr, Sue Yeatts, Leslie Nuttall, Mary Frances 
Baldwin, Mary Alice Carmody, Mary Jo Sherrod. (Left) 
Lynda Davis, business manager; Linda Floyd, feature Editor. 

Lois Wells, business manager; Nona Davis, editor. Shari Heflin, Becky Payne, Randy Graves. 

Virginian 70 


Dr. William Frank, advisor. 

Photography editor Barbara Blythe checks film as Brenda Sanderson and Diane Weymouth 
wait for an assignment. 

(Left) Gay Snead, Bobbi Gower, Judy Clements, Ginger Fulwiler. 

Assistant Editors Margaret Nuckols, Randy Graves 
Faculty Editors Linda Ellingwood, Nancy Eure 

Organizations Editors Lang Foster, Nancy Jackson 

Athletic Editors 
Sorority Editor 
Class Editors 

Opening Section 
General Staff 

Linda Southworth, Janet Harpold 

Shari Heflin 

Randy Graves, Gay Snead, Bobbi 

Gower, Judy Clements, Ginger 


Margaret Nuckols 

Janet Harpold 

Sandra Jessee, Bella Parks, Cheryl 

Brown, Irene Smith, Brenda Wine, 

Brenda Sanderson, Carole Manchey, 

Barbara Moxlej', Darla Raney, Cindy 

Brooks, Marty Repole, Sheilah 

Martin, Paula Little, Karen Clarke. 

Jan Main, Yvonne Bugg, Anne 

Richmond, Gayle Nicholas, Haxall 

Ward, Janet Treanor, Peggj- 

Purcell, Kathi Lunsford, Carlene 

Baylor, Mary Smiley, Janice A. 

Brown, Betty Liskey, Katy Bendheim 


Lois Austin, Becky Angell, Edrie Bays, Sharon Bourne, 
Linda Dexter, Louise Daugherty, Jane Edwards, 
Bonnie Ellis, Judy Fedziuk, Joyce Foster, Kathy 
Goodwyn, Ellen Hamilton, Bev Hampshire, Honore 
Holton, Bunny Howell, Cookie Howell, Carolyn 
Hurley, Diane Johnson, Susan Jordan, Pam Lynn, Pat 
Lucas, Carol McMullen, Melinda Mottley, Naonal 
Newman, Karey Olsen, Maggie Parker, Nancy Parsons, 
Sandy Petersen, Jan Porter, Pat Quinn, Doris Richards, 
Nell Skinner, Trisha Spillan, Beth Tavares, Anne 
Taylor, Bev Thomas, Vician Vascott, Willie Ann 
Vayten, Lynn Wilson, Gail Womack, Pat Womom, 
Kitty Wyman, Jenny Young. 



The Moths 

John Potter 
October 16-18 

The Adding Machine 

Elmer Rice 
November 20-22 

Summer Brave 

William Inge 
March 19-21 

Six Characters in 
Search Of An Author 

Luigi Pirandello 
April 30-May 2 


B.S.U. members prepare to sell donuts in the dorms. 

^ i i 




^^K'4^^^^^ h 


■ IP J 4^1^ 


iyiw 1 

=»' TK«^-Hiiltt. 


1 %• /Vf 1 




Executive Council: Seated: 
Miss Margarette Stanfield, 
sponsor; Royce Claytor, Fran 
Watkins, president; Glenna 
Lewis, Mary Adldsson. 
Standing: Barbara Blythe, 
Janice Brown, Lois Wells, 
Faye Chandler, Carolyn 
Allen, Joyce Terry, Brenda 
Allen, Mary Palmore, Julia 

Athletic association 

Front Row: Janet Harpold, Patti Coogan, Linda Southworth, Miss Carolyn Callaway, Suzanne 
Turner. Second Row: Cathi Loper, Bobbi Thurston, Susie Marsh, Ellen Dunn, Lucy Gilbert, 
Marcia Tench, Eleanor Challen. 

Former team members and volunteers exhibit their prowess 

The purpose of the Athletic Association is to 
sponsor and conduct intramural, class, and 
color sports and to support the various varsity 
teams which represent Longwood in interschol- 
astic competition. 

The major activity of the Association this 
year was the development of a new system of 
intramural competition. Competition was held 
among teams representing each dorm and so- 
rority, the tournament winners being awarded 
trophies for display. This new system encour- 
aged more students to participate in the intra- 
mural program and heightened the enthusiasm 
and team spirit of players as well as spectators. 

During the water demonstration the Corkettes give an example of 
synchronized swimming (left) and on the tennis courts Diane 
Weymouth practices her serve. 



Coleen Greenwood, Mary Layton Myers, Debbie Page, Jackie Santoro, Nedra Distel, Patti 

Front Row: Diane Derrick. Second Row: Kathy Long, Debbie 
Ellenbrand. Third Row: Betty King, Ellen Dunn, Suzanne Morgan. 
Fourth Row: Sandy Wilson, Carol Chory. 

Front Row: Kathy Parker, Janet Harpold, Diane Bradley. Second 
Row: Linda Southworth, Miss Nancy Andrews, coach; Chris 

Phyllis Carter battles it out with Jean Hendricks in the annual varsity-alumnae game. 

Tidewater Team members (from bottom to top) Curry 
Pettis, Barbara Snellings, Jane McCaffrey. Not 
pictured are Phyllis Carter and Freda Lunsford. 


Old Dominion 




Old Dominion 




















Richmond Club 




Longwood Alumnae 
William and Mary 
William and Mary 




College Tournament 
Southeastern Torunament 

The action seems to be heading toward Freda Lunsford in this game against 




William & Mary 33.7; Stratford 26.7 

Longwood 39.1 
Stratford 32.4 LC 63.8 

Radford 32.6 LC 66.9 

Stratford 30.7 LC 59.4 

Front Row: Nancy Frost, Jackie Ashe, Nedra Distel 
Suzanne Morgan, Karen Lewis, Curry Pettis. 
Second Row: Miss Judith Fath, coach; Debbie 
Morris, Terri Reese, Debbie EUenbrand, Marty 
Murphy, Martha Hicks, Maxine Stone. 



Sue Meador, Frances Moran, Debbie Batty, Mary Baldwin, Miss Sally Bush, coach; Patti Coogan, 
Ellen Cahill. Not pictured: Penny Eberly. 

To perfect the details, Mary Baldwin and Ellen Cahill practice before a 


February 15 State Novice Foil Meet at V.C.U. 
March 7 Mary Washington 

March 14 Virginia Fencing Tournament for Women 
March 21 Novice Foil Meet at Longwood 

Front Row: Gail Gossage, Barbara Cridlin, Joy King, Freda 
Lunsford, Margaret Lowry, Janet Ford, Dianner Padgett, 
Linda Moody. Second Row: Miss Faye Ripley, coach; Susan 
Stutz, Cindy Bradley, Judy Turner, Lynne Coleman, Sue 

Judy Turner reaches for the jump-ball against Deep Creek. 

Manahan, Fran Anthony, Carolyn Thompson, Dottie 
Bohannon, Margaret Pulley, Marcia Tench, Ruth Holdren, 
Miss Carolyn Callaway, coach. 


East Mennonite 

Randolph-Macon Women's College 





February 28 Old Dominion 
March 3 WiUiam & Mary 
March 7 Westhampton 
March 10 Sweetbriar 


































iisi ,,r>- 

Swim team 

Mary Washingon 

Old Dominion 



WiUiam & Mary 



Right: Front Row: Kathy Hipskind, Cynthia Kearney, Mary 
Sampselle, Ellen Cahill, Carolyn Starmont, Betty Cavedo. Second 
Row: Miss Sally Bush, coach; Debbie Baker, Eleanor Challen, Anne 
Lawlor, Mary Ellen Soslowski, Judy Donohoe. Third Row: Joy 
King, Peggy Bangham, Lois Hrubik. 























Nearing the end of her length, Ellen 
Cahill pulls even stronger. 


Front: Linda Campbell. 
Second Row: Patti Coogan, 
Cathy Teague. Third Row: 
Kerry Rimes, Ellen Cahill, 
Cathy Carr. Fourth Row: 
Kathy Hipskind, Carolyn 
Starmont, Sandy Oliver, 
Donna Baker, Page Metcalf. 

^SS*// t.i 

»■ mm m * 


Above: Bonnie Jewell, Kathy 
Wilson, Lois Hrubik, Carol 
Umbdenstock, Anne Bishop, 
Judy Donohoe. 

Members of H2O demonstrate an 
underwater "swimmer's wheel" 


April 13 Sweetbriar, Hollins, Roanoke, Longwood 
April 18 Penn State, George Washington University, 

William & Mary, Madison, Mary Baldwin, 

April 25 U.N.C. for Greensboro Invitational 

April 27 Invitational at Sweetbriar 

May 4 Madison, Ferrum Junior College, Longwood 
at Sweetbriar 

May 11 Ferrum Junior College, Mary Baldwin, Long- 
wood at Madison 




/7^ ti 

Dr. Barbara B. Smith, coach; Dian Turner, Ann Santore, Ann Weisiger, Louise Moss, Jennie Cox, 
Kathy Long. 



Miss Judith Fath, coach; Nedra Distel, Linda Southworth, Jane McCaffrey, 
Suzanne Turner, Fran Anthony, Barbara Jenkins, Chris McDonnell, Carolyn 
Thompson, Carolyn Latham. 


April 14 Lynchburg College 

April 21 William & Mary 

April 25 Bridgewater 

April 29 Westhampton 

May 5 Sweetbriar 

May 8-9 Tournament at Westhampton 



(Left) Georgia Freeman, Penny Eberly, Debbie Ellenbrand, Judie 
Guidice, Miss Faye Ripley, coach. 

(Below) Margaret Pulley, Freda Lunsford, Bobbi Thurston, Miss 
^«^ Carolyn Callaway, coach. Not pictured: Sherry Dossett, Lisa 

Worthington, Cartie Keene, Kathy Parker, Cathy Smoral. 

Lynda Driver practices her serve before a match. 


April 11 



William & Mary 







30 - May 2 Mid-Atlantic Lawn 

Tennis Association 


May 8 





Mary Washington 

Front Row: Laurel Baldwin, Lynne Coleman. Second Row: Mary Johnston, Lynn 
Kwiatkowski, Mrs. Phyllis Harriss, coach; B. J. Rogers, Mary Ingram, Sharon Farmer. 
Not pictured: Judy Turner, Lynda Driver. ' 






i*m^- * 

And she must come of age 

by herself. 

. . . She must learn 

not to depend on another, 

nor to feel she must 

prove her strength 

by competing. 

She must 



Senior class 

Nine months bridging two decades constituted the last interim 
on Longwood's campus for the Class of 1970. The transition from 
the sixties to the seventies is represented appropriately by this gradu- 
ating class. During the four years of their experience on campus, 
this class has witnessed four extensions in curfews, and liberaliza- 
tions of the drinking rules and dress code. There have been numerous 
changes initiated by the students themselves, all moving toward a 
more actively aware student body. 

Increasingly aware of the responsibilities of the school's motto, 
"Education to all — We teach to teach," the majority of the class 
experienced eight weeks of supervised student teaching in state public 
schools. In these eight weeks the fuU significance of those often seen 
words became a reality. 

Joining with their sister Sophomore Class the Seniors planned the 
Red 'n White skit for the Oktoberfest competition which attracted 
alumni, parents, friends, and then absent student teachers. In taking 
the victory for the skit competition, the '70 Class made their record 
perfect, the Red 'n Whites having won every year since the class's 

Capping, the first formal event for the Seniors, was held on Novem- 
ber 13 as the class officially received status as a graduating class. 
Dr. WiUett as the principle speaker addressed the seniors and their 
"little sisters" on the media of communication within the college 
community and the positive attitude displayed on this campus notably 
in the demonstration held last spring in support of the president 
and administration. Class sponsor. Dr. James Helms, gave the seniors 
formal recognition as they received their caps. The following day, 
Senior Convocation in Jarman Auditorium was held with Dr. Catherine 
Sims, Dean of Sweetbriar College, as the featured speaker. 

As future alumni, the class was introduced to the Longwood 
Alumni Program through the Alumni Fund Drive sponsored before 
Christmas vacation. Throughout the remainder of the semester, 
national teacher examinations and teacher interviews occupied most 

Second semester began and anticipation heightened in the months 
preceding graduation as aimouncements were ordered and plans for 
Senior Sneak Day were made. The Senior Banquet and Assembly 
and Song competition filled out the semester as final exams ap- 
proached. And with the end came the long awaited and often nebu- 
lous graduation. Climaxing their years at Longwood the ceremony 
held on June 6 sent the Class of 1970 from the protected halls of a 
campus to teach to aU that which they had been taught. 

More land is cleared yet some things remained; like Oktoberfest and 
usherettes Suzanne Turner and Betty King (left), and dinner in the 
senior dining hall. 

Sarah Brown . . . Apple Blossom Princess 
Cherie Weeks . . . May Queen 





(Above) Nancy Parsons Miss 

(Left) Susan Davenport May 
Court Maid of Honor 

(Right) Janice Austin Harvest 
Bowl Princess 


Sandra Dellinger 

Joanna Newby 

Pat Thacker 

Betty Lou Boylan 

Margaret Reynolds 



Mary Brizindine 

Linda Lilliston 

Josie Lassiter 

Carolyn Davis 


Hunter Nugent 


Debbie Williams 

Jane Bentley 

CA r - 

r{f.f^^ /m 


Evelyn Pauley 

Gail Womack 


Jill Randolph 

Maureen Shannon 

Julie Wright 

Betty Ford 


Bonnie Andrews 

Candy Dickerman 

Pat Fisher 

Vivian Blanton 

Libby Nicar 


Mary Ross 

Judy Taylor 


Tucker Butler 

Cathy Leary 



Faye Gustafson 

Beth Goffigon 

Marie Hillard 

Barbara Gooderum 

Kathy Parker 

Ruth Doyle 

Virginia King 

Ingrid Bogie 

Koky WoolUng 

Sandra Melton 


Donna Campbell 



Sandra Agnew 

Mary Beard 


Mary Palmare 

Ruth Booker 


Susie St. John 




'*, ■ 





» . 








1 r 



k "•'■■• ■■■- 


Penny Smith 

Barbara Roukema 

Anne Ellington 

Ann Yancey 

Maria Kilmartin 

Linda Rankin 


Janice Davis 

■MM'' 'OWtKit^ 

Helen Fortune 

Sandra Smith 


SaUie Gibbs 

Frances Sale 

Bunny Howell 

Tink Skinner 


Nancy Hand 


Bev Ryder 

Donna Callis 

Merlyn Smith 

Lynda Stanley 


Toy Douglas 


Lynda Driver 


Cam Boyd 

Komelia Cox 

Linda Godsey 


Martha McGee 

Leslie Nuttcdl 


-mK W5W ' ■ 


_~-^uaai MM -Tmm 

' — ::^mn «■- «» 






^^Blf jBBrwB^WBHW 



■■■■V VBEflft '^H 


■MaWM^ -•»"»■ 

Jj^^ ""-*"" 



MMIV ^3^ 

^r "^^UB 




<«. ^ai 


^ ^ 


Tb« ^ 




^itt^ss A 


^^^^^^^^s^s ^^ 

■HBaai ■ 


^^^^■vv m^^ 

^^■grak ■ 

Hr / 1" 


. . j«-.i''.--.-*-.'^ii*«< 

Barbara Snellings 

Maria Suter 

Carol Mitchell 


Linda Rumpf 

Judy Jones 


Jewell Catron 

Bonnie Ferguson 

Linda Lew 


Susie Johnson 

«' On '9 

Loraine Clawson 

Martha Conway 

Judy Thomas 

Susan Guild 

Shelia Daniel 

Cathy Draper 

Barbara Lewis 

Susan Stokes 


Martha Reynolds 

Betty King 

Emily Salle 


Anita Thomas 

Phylis Wilson 



Libba Ball 


Pam Crowder 

Linda Klajehn 

Junior class 

Nearing the end of their college careers, the Class of 
'71 found this year to be a time for the fringe benefits 
of Class prestige. They were a "big sister" class for a 
change, and the enthusiastic support of their freshmen 
sisters helped to build an esprit de corps that before 
had been buried beneath classes and tensions. Guiding 
their sister class through the throes of orientation, re- 
gistration, and frustration, they took the time to work 
not only for themselves but also for their fledgling 
frosh. The effort brought tangible results with the win 
of the Geist Cup during Oktoberfest week-end. 

The weeks rolled on, and in November a new source 
of pride came to the Juniors in the form of their class 
rings. Under the supervision of Mr. James Gussett, act- 
ing sponsor for the class, the class further made plans. 
When the sidewalk from Curry to Her was poured, the 
Class of 71 was there with deeds for name-writing on 
the new walk for those who really wanted to leave 
their marks at Longwood. Christmas came, accompa- 
nied by the Green 'n White party. 

Of course, the highlight of the year was the Junior 
Ring Dance, which featured Glen Yarborough in an 
afternoon concert and the "Blue-Eyed Soul" for the 
dance itself. A breakfast afterwards gave the occasion 
an added touch of elegance for the Juniors and their 
escorts, making the entire weekend truly "A Time for 

The final step in the development of the Junior year 
came at the Senior Assembly on May 13, when a 
triumphant Senior Class paid their final tribute to the 
Class of '71 in the formation of the arch to recognize 
them as the incumbant senior class. 

Junior usherettes for Octoberfest Carol Umdenstock and Julie Smith 
perform before the weekend audience. 

Connie Williams 

Debbie Remsburg 


Deborah Alford 
Cindy AUbright 
Anne Allen 
Carolyn Allen 

Brenda Allen 
Sue Anderson 
Becky Angell 
Annie Anthony 

Diana Anthony 
Eleanor Bagley 
Maureen Bailey 
Meredith Baker 

Laurel Baldwin 
Paulette Batten 
Edrie Bays 
Helen Beamer 

Betty Carol Bell 
Julia Bell 
Charlotte Bennett 
Charlene Bickings 

Anne Bishop 
Susan Blevins 
Barbara Blythe 
Carolyn Blythe 

Betty Boaz 
Anne Bolte 
Bonnie Bowers 
Jenny Boykin 

Sandra Bradley 
Hope Bradshaw 
Lena Bragassa 
Suzanne Broadway 

Sharon Broadfoot 
Gwen Brooking 
Brenda Brown 
Deborah Brown 

Janice Brown 
Deborah Brugh 
Deanna Bryson 
Linda Bullock 

Mary Alice Carmody 
Linda Carter 
Peggy Carter 
Wanda Carter 

Faye Chandler 
Linda Chewning 
Susan Christian 
Joanne Chuchek 

S^ Brenda CIsirdy 
Janet Clark 
Janice Clark 
Linda Clarke 

Royce Claytor 
Judy Clements 
Mary Eleanor Clements 
Peggy Clowdis 

Becky Cole 
Pam Colebum 
Ann Gail Coleman 
Lyime Coleman 

Mary King Coleman 
Judie Collie 
Wanda Conner 
Mary Curtis Conrad 

Donna Corriher 
Catherine Coury 
Rita Cox 
Betsy Crews 

Nancy Dahmer 
Carolyn Davenport 
Bonnie Davis 
Judy Davis 


Lynda Davis 
Nancy Davis 
Nona Davis 
Jane Dawson 

Ginny Dawson 
Silvia Dellinger 
Susan Dellinger 
Deborah Dent 

Linda Dexter 
Jana Deyerle 
Bettie Dickert 
Betty Jane Diggs 

Mary Lou Dillard 
Nedra Distel 
Sue Dodson 
Jane Donald 

Judy Donohoe 
Joyce Dowdy 
Linda Downey 
Ruth Dozier 

Debbie Duncan 
Susan Du Priest 
Anne Dyer 
Linda Easter 

Penny Eberly 
Joan Eddleton 
Kaydell Edwards 
Shirley Edwards 

Randi Eldridge 
Carol EUerton 

Martha Ellis 
Cindy Ennis 

Shirley Estes 
Mary Estis 

Pam Eubank 
Charla Evans 
Sharon Farmer 
Diane Ferguson 

Phyllis Ferguson 
Kay Fielder 
Linda Floyd 
Sherry Foglesong 

Vickie Grubbs 
Judie Guidice 
Martha Halbleib 
Donna Hale 


Becky Hall 
Connie Hall 
Brenda Hamner 
Natalie Hannabass 

Cheryl Hardy 
Nancy Hardy 
Judy Haynes 
Faye Henley 

Patsy Herring 
Jean Hill 
Deborah Hinshaw 
Vicki Hogan 

Judy Green reflects a note of surprise when greeted by an 
unexpected visitor. 

Barbara Jenkins 
Betty Johnson 
Paula Johnson 
Suzanne Johnson 


Brenda Johnston 
Candy Jones 
Linda Jones 
Susan Jordan 

Stephanie Joyner 
Becky Kelso 
Judy Keyser 
Jill Kidd 

Fran Kimble 
Bic Kolcum 
Evy Krebs 
Lynette Kube 

Janet Lacy 
Nancy Lassahn 
Nancy Laundon 
Diane Lawhom 

Carol Leacock 
Kathleen Leary 
Glenna Lewis 
Anna Lineweaver 

Bitsey Llewellyn 
Rosemary Lohman 
Ann Lowe 
Ann Lowry 


Linda Matthews 
Brenda May 

Pat Lucas 
Freda Lunsford 
Pat Lunceford 
Pam Lynn 

Ellen Lyon 
Jane McCaffrey 
Lydia McCarthy 
Sue McClure 

Barbara McCord 
Kathy McGuire 
Judy McKinney 
Carol McMullen 

Linda Southworth, Lang Foster, and Brenda 
Southworth enjoy a quick joke on their way to 


Joanne May 
Donna Mayton 
Margaret Meador 
Connie Metcalf 

Kim Meyer 
Sharon Miller 
Jean Moore 
Sharon Moore 

Brenda Morene 
Margaret Moseley 
Gail Murphy 
Lillian Mustoe 

Juniors find that the rush for registration has changed 
little from previous years. 

Gwen Phillips 
Joanne Rateau 
Cindy Reed 
Linda Rew 


Romana Rhodes 
Jane Richardson 
Jeanne Richardson 
Sue Rinaldi 

Virginia Robertson 
Candy Rogers 
Susan Roop 
Bonnie Ross 

Sarah Rowe 
JoAnne St. Clair 
Jane Sakshaug 
Carol Saunders 

Pat Perry and friend find a sunny October Sunday to be 
perfect for forgetting the week's problems. 

Pam Saunders 
Sallie Smith 
Linda Snead 
Virginia Snead 

Frances Sodini 
Linda Sordelett 
Brenda Southworth 
Linda Southworth 

Mary Lou Sowers 
Karen Spady 
Wanda Spicer 
Trisha Spillan 

Betty Savage 
Peggy Schaeffer 


Adri Stagg 
Susan Steele 
Elizabeth Stevens 
Maxine Stone 

Debbie Thorn 
Joanne Tigue 
Paula Tunstall 
Carol Umbdenstock 


Martha Whitehurst 
Joyce Wilkerson 
Casey Wilkes 
Martha Williams 

Sherry Williams 
Kathy Wilson 
Sandra Wilson 
Sarah Winfield 

Cheryl Winn 
Medie Wood 
Mary Ellen Woodhead 
Beth Wooding 

Jeanene Woolfolk 
Sharon Woolson 
Mimi Woosley 
Joyce Wright 

Caught in her own thoughts, Randy Graves for a moment 
"leaves" the celebration. 

Sophomore class 

In their return for their second year, the Sopho- 
mores were apparently detemined to undergo not only 
their accepted change of status but also a new role in 
the activities of Longwood and the Farmville commu- 
nity. They got off to what was certainly a swinging 
start with the "Swinging MedaUions" concert, pro- 
duced in conjunction with the Colleagues, those sopho- 
mores chosen to assist directly in Orientation Week. In 
October, the Class of 72 brought an innovation to 
campus with Parents' Day, which, happily, was a great 
success. Over 375 guests were presented a skit prepared 
by the sophs, a tea, and a luncheon. Oktoberfest 
brought more laurels for the class as the Red 'n Whites 
won the competition of the skits. Many more mixers 
graced the '69-70 session, and the sophs made then- 
contribution to November with a mixer before Christ- 
mas holidays with music by "The Statesmen". And 
during the week preceding the holiday vacation, a dele- 
gation of carolers from the Class of '72 added to the 
zest of the Yuletide for both Longwood and Farmville 

By second semester the Sophs were in full swing for 
their special activity. Sophomore Weekend. The 
agenda included the annual Mr. Longwood contest, a 
powder-puff football game with the Hampden-Sydney 
Picas, a slumber party for all sophs, and a dance for 
the young at heart and fast of feet. In addition to a 
number of money making projects, such as the 
Sophomore Auction, the class endeavors extended into 
work for the less fortunate; in this field, the Road 
Show was produced for an agreeable and appreciative 

Sandy Ellis, a sophomore and Vivian Vascott, a junior, discuss and 
upcoming play production before class. 

Kay Powell 

Terry VanCantfort 

Martha Marchese 

Cathy Smoral 

Bev Aston 


Across: Mary Adams, Mary Adkisson, Sally Akers, Susan Albright, 
Brenda Allen, Nancy Allen. Second Row: Peggy Allen, Sally Ailing, 
Miriam Alvart, Peggy Anderson, Margaret Angles, Susan Arhart. 
Third Row: Deborah Ashwell, Bev Aston, Ada Avery, Robyn 
Bageant, Bev Bagley, Louise Bailey. Fourth Row: Donna Baker, Pat 

Baker, Mary Baldwin, Barbara Bancroft, Mary Barber, Kathy 
Barclay, fifth Row: Joan Claire Barnes, Susan Barnes, Deborah 
Barnhill, Susan Bartholomew, Kathy Bassford, Deborah Batty. 
Sixth Row: Juanita Beasley, Anne Becht, Lynn Berryman, Brenda 
Bevard, Margaret Blair, Janet Bland. 


Across: Linda Blankenship, Martha Blanton, Beverly Blunt, Linda 
Bobbitt, Jane Bocock, Cynthia Borill. Second Row: Diane Bottoms, 
Vicki Bowling, Cathy Brackett, Anna Bradford, Wendy Bradshaw, 
Donna Branchin. Third Row: Ann Braswell, Sharon Breeden, 
Christine Brighter, Mary Brinkley, Elizabeth Bromley, Cheryl 

Brown. Fourth Row: Frankie Brown, Jennifer Brown, Judy Brown, 
Patty Brown, Phyllis Brown, Jana Brubaker. Fifth Row: Mary 
Bryant, Kay Burcher, Beverlie Burton, Ladonna Bussard, Nan Byrd, 
Ellen Cahill. Sixth Row : Elise Caldwell, Val Callis, Brenda Camden, 
Jeimie Carpenter, Catherine Carr, Harriet Carrow. 

Across: Ellen Carter, Candy Casey, Mary Ann Chandler, Marilyn 
Chapman, Martha Chappell, Martha Chevalier. Second Row: Cindy 
Clarke, Jackie Cleaton, Cheryl Cole, Phyllis Colombaro, Bonnie 
Combo, Jan Compher. Third Row: Ahce Conway, Patricia Coogan, 
Barbara Cooper, Susan Corbett, Sandra Cordle, Cindy Cousin. 
Fourth Row: Bettie Jo Coverstone, Joann Cozzupoli, Betsy Craig, 

Mary Jane Crawford, Sarah Creedle, Doris Crocker. Fifth Row: Terry 
Crump, Ellen Crumpler, Suzanne Curry, Elizabeth Anne Dale, Ann 
Marie Daley, Joanne Darby. Sixth Row: Kathryn Daughtrey, Rebecca 
Sue Davis, Myrtle Dearing, Susan Deary, Rene DeBaun, Karen 


ACROSS: Beth DeCourcey, Judy Doty, Elaine Dowdy, Sandy Dowdy, 
Donna Dowling, Cheryl Draper. Second Row: Linda Droste, Patricia 
Drumwright, Barbara Duck, Ellen Dunn, Nancy Dunn, Claudia 
Dunnavant. Third Row: Linda Ellingwood, Mary Elliott, Joan 
Farthing, Susan Fauber, Susan Fawcett, Betty Figg. Fourth Row: 

Kay Fleshman, Janet Ford, Wanda Forrest, Sally Foster, Sandra 
Foster, Paulette Franehi. Fifth Row: Georgia Freeman, Cathy Fyock, 
Easter Galloway, Anne Gardner, Brenda Gamer, Suzanne Garrard. 
Sixth Row: Ketsy Gibb, Susan Gibbs, Donna Gibson, Janet Gilchrist, 
Betty Ann Glasheen, Sandra Goodman. 

Colleague Louise Bailey wonders if freshman registration has 
always been this way, or was it just the rain. 

ACifOSS; Karen Gourley.Brenda Graves, Judy Gregory. Second iioM;; Helen Hance, Glenda Hardie, Mary Harris, Sandy Harris, Pam 

Sharon Griffin, Sandra Grogan, Schultzie Guinn. Third Row: Nancy Harrison. Sixth Row: Pinckney Harrison, Rene Harrison, Carol 

Gunter, Tinker Habel, Frances Hacket. Fourth Row: Karen Hartman, Kay Harvey, Nancy Hatcher, Mary Jane Heilman. 
Haldeman, Beth Hall, Sally Hammit. Fifth Row: Louise Hanbury, 

ACROSS: Nancy Jo Helms, Carolyn Henderson, Mary Henshaw, 
Martha Hicks, Katherine Hipskind, Bena Holbrook. Second Row: 
Ann Holt, Vicki Horner, Cookie Howell, Lois Hrubik, Gayle Hughes, 
Alison Hynes. Third Row: Nancy Jackson, Debra Jamerson, 
Bonnie Jewell, Jean Johnson, Roberta Johnson, Mary Tabb 

Johnston. Fourth Row: Jenny Jones, Judy Jones, Linda Jones, 
Nancy Jones, Penny Jones, Nancy Kanode. Fifth Row: Mary Keene, 
Mary Kelly, Janet Kimball, Diane King, Lynn Kwiatkowski, Vicky 
Laine. Sixth Row: Tracy Lane, Carolyn Latham, Joan Lawter, 
Barbara Leahey, Verona Leake, Bonnie Lee. 


ACitOSS.-GwenLee, Selena Lee, Sarah Lemmon, Debbie Lewis, Karen Sandra McMurtrey, Mary McWhite, Jody Mace. Nancy Maloney, 

Lewis, Lindsay Lewis. Second Row: Melinda Lewis, Pat Lewis, Marian Mantiply. Fifth Row: Martha Marchese, Sheilah Martin, 

Barbara Little, Patty Loughran, Cathy Loving, Margaret Lowry. Nancy Mathews, Nancy Mayberry, Carolyn Meador. Sallie Michael. 

Third Row: Janice Lucian, Kathy Luttrell, Susie Lynch, Jackie Sixth Row: Susan Michalek, Diane Miller, Rhoda Miller, Barbara 

McClain, Ann McCoy, Myrtle McGee. Fourth Row: Liz McMullin, Moore, Deborah Moore, Eileen Moore. 


ACROSS: First Row: Suzanne Morgan, Carolyn Morris, 
Debbie Morris, Debbie Morton, Bonnie Moseley, Linda Murad. 
Second Row: Kathleen Murphy, Pat Necessary, Amelia Nespoli, 
Susan Newcomb, Barbara Norfleet, Penelope Obenshain. Third Row: 
Ruth Ohl, Bessie Palmore, Shelley Pancoast, Patricia Patteson, 
Barbara Paxton, Linda Peck. Fourth Row: Christine Petersen, Linda 

Pike, Lynda Hxley, Dianne Pond, Jan Porter, Brenda Prease. Fifth 
Row: Beverly Price, Karen Price, Camille Primm, Debbie Pugh, 
Margaret Pulley, Joan Putney. Sixth Row: Nancy Rakes, Melanie 
Raper, Ladonna Rasnick, Judy Rawlings, Jo Ellen Reid, Ethel 


Across: Marty Repole, Linda Reynolds, Charlene Rice, Glenda Rice, 
Babe Richards, Anna Roberson. Second row: Linda Rohrbaughi 
Dianne Rourke, Anne Rowe, Shirley RusseU, Linda Scott, Nancy 
Scott. Third row: Judy Seay, Kathleen Seifert, Carol Servies, 
Patricia Shaw, Alison Shea, Mary SheU. Fourth row: Ann Simmons' 

Rose Mary Simmons, iviargaret Simms, Anita Simons, Nell Skinner, 
Susan Skinner. Fifth row: Laura Slayton, Deborah Smith. Elizabeth 
Smith, Sharon Smith, Susie Smith, Gay Snead. Sixth row: Wanda 
Snead, Elizabeth Sneade, Carol Spivey, Linga Stallings, Laura 
Stanford, Ethel Statzer. 

ACROSS: Julia Stephenson, Barbara Stevens, Judy Stewart, Margaret 
Stidd, Sue Stinnett, Nancy Stout. Second row: Brenda Strickland, 
Janet Swain, Mary Anne Sydnor, Beth Tavares, Elizabeth Tayloe, 
Pam Thacker. Third row: Judy Thomas, Bobbi Thurston, Brenda 
Tipton, Martha Tirelis, Barbara Tisdale, Joanne Todd. Fourth row: 

Cynthia Togger, Katherine Toney, Laura Trimble, Susan Trogdon, 
Michelle Umes, Elizabeth Vaden. Fifth row: Terty VanCantfort, 
Lynda VanHom, Sherry Vanvalkenburg, Janet Vaughan, Willie 
Voyten, Donna Wadsworth. Sixth row: Gail Waldron, Diane Walker, 
Judy Walker, Linda Wallace, Melody Wallace, Brenda Walter. 


ACROSS: Linda Walthall, Bonnie Walton, Martha Ware, Brenda Jean Warner, Margaret 
Webb, Ann Weisiger. Second row: Mary Wetmore, Barbara Whitacre, Donna Whitlock, 
Jane Wiley, Sue Wilkes, Laura WiUiams. Third row: Terry Williams, Lynne Wilson, 
Suzanne Wilton, Sue Winans, Linda Witt, Diana Woodlief. 

ACROSS: Bev Woods, Stephanie Wymer. Second 
row: Sue Yeatts. 


Four of the Colleagues, a group of selected girls for Orientation, traditional with the 
jphomore Class descend to the Sunken Garden to cap their freshman group. 


Freshman class 

The Class of '73 had the distinction of being 
a record-breaker from the very beginning of its tenure 
at Longwood: its 750 members comprised the largest 
class in the college's history. Whether the size of the 
class was an asset or a hindrance during Orientation 
week was debatable, however, the large number of the 
new beanies circulating among the upperclassmen was 
somewhat reassuring to each unassured freshman. The 
frosh gained composure quickly though, and exhibited 
an enthusiasm with each activity that heightened as 
the year progressed. Giving whole-hearted support to 
their sister class, the Juniors, they aided in the capture 
of the Geist Cup of Oktoberfest. All of the depressions 
of freshman year seem to have been deftly avoided by 
the Class of '73 simply by maintaining a steady spirit 
that kept them on a high tide of victory, as exemplified 
by the Green 'n Whites winning color hockey. Second 
semester brought the most important project for the 
class in Freshman Production. This was the greatest 
achievement on the part of the freshmen because it 
was the only projected activity carried out solely by 
that class. To the pride of the Freshman and their sis- 
ters it was produced with the same ardor that had 
accompanied their previous ventures, and it provided 
"team" experience to help them in their coming years 
at Longwood. 


Proudly capped in their distinctive beanies, freshmen reflect a multi- 
tude of thoughts. 

Joyce Page 

Becky West 

Mary Lou Glasheen 

Cindy Dixon 

Pam Watson 






Deborah Abernathy 
Debbie Abernethy 
Bonnie Adams 
Karen Airington 
Barbara Allen 
Pam Allen 

Fredrica Alley 
Patricia Alley 
Doris Anderson 
Dana Andrews 
Sarah Andrews 
Brenda Ange 

Celia Amette 
Rita Arthur 
Jane Ash by 
Karen Ashby 
Jacqueline Ashe 
Janet Ashley 

Jane Atkins 
Mary Lee Atkinson 
Angela Austin 
Karen Ayers 
Nancy Bache 
Gayle Bagley 

Janan Bailey 
Linda Bailey 
Debra Baker 
Julia Baldwin 
Bettie Ballowe 
Margaret Bangham 

Nancy Barnard 
Janet Basham 
Barbara Basl 
Linda Batchelor 
Sandra Batterman 
Cindy Baughan 

Carlene Bayler 
Sharon Beard 
Marjorie Beasley 
Carolyn Beauchamp 
Brenda Beck 
Kate Bendheim 

Mary Arm Bentley 
Jane Beresford 
Susan Berger 
Joyce BerkebUe 
Susan Bems 
Angie Beverley 


Cindy Birckhead 
Cynthia Blair 
Beth Blanchard 
Susan Blane 
Brucie Boggs 
Dottie Bohannon 

Sylvia Bohon 
Kaye Bolton 
Mary Jane Booker 
Mary Arm Boothe 
Phyllis Bowden 
Jane Bowker 

Kathy Bozard 
Cynthia Bradley 
Chris Branchina 
Nancy Braswell 
Carole Bridges 
Cynthia Brinkley 

Brenda Brock 
Debbie Brooks 
Gail Broun 
Cheryl Brown 
Janice Brown 
Linda Brown 

Shelton Brown 
Alice Bryant 
Marlene Bryant 
Donna Buchanan 
Yvonne Bugg 
Brenda Bullock 

Carol Burch 
Bev Burke 
Betty Burnett 
Karen Bussey 
Margaret Butcher 
Ruth Butterworth 

Cindy Cain 
Carolyn Callahan 
Linda Campbell 
Lisa Campbell 
Ruth Campbell 
Vicki Campbell 

Carol Capasso 
Elaine Carel 
Sandi Carper 
Linda Carter 
Marie Carter 
Sharon Carter 

Anna Caulk 
Elizabeth Cavedo 
Kimberly Certa 
Eleanor Challen 
Pat Challenor 
Agnes Chandler 

Marie Chaney 
Ann Chapman 
Debbie Chapman 
Nancy Chase 
Betsy Cheeiy 
Bonnie Chishokn 

Carol Chory 
Pam Christian 
Becky Christy 
Shelley Clare 
Dinah Clark 
Karen Clark 

Karen Clarke 
Mary Claytor 
Cynthia Cochran 
Anna Cogbill 
CeHa Cohen 
Jackie Colbert 

Regina Collin 
Amy Cook 
Jo Ann Cooksey 
Karen Cordell 
Glenda Cornwell 
Cheryl Corona 

Debbie Costen 
Susan Counts 
Jeanne Cox 
Mary Jane Crawford 
Pat Cremins 
Barbara Cridlin 

Cherin Cross 
Joy Crow 
Linda Culbenson 
Shirley Culler 
Lynda Cullum 
Ann Dabney 

Karen Dale 
Pat Dalton 
Pat Daniel 
Karin Danieley 
Bruce Daugherty 
Liz Daughtrey 

Carol Davenport 
Jeanne Davis 
Rosalie Davis 

Nancy Dawson 
Rose Decatur 
Deborah Delbridge 

Judy Dellinger 
Diane Derrick 
Carolyn Dewey 

Judy DeWitt 
Phyllis Dexter 
Denise Divito 

Cheryl Dixon 
Cindy Dixon 
Mary Dixon 

Mary Jo Dollins 
Sarah Donato 
Judy Dooley 

Penny Dorland 
Vicki Doss 
Margaret Dow 

Bonnie Drewery 
Janice Dube 
Sandra Dudley 

The unique freshman booth had two distinct sides. 

Linda Duncan 
Kathy Eades 
Barbara Easley 
Amy Eastes 
Linda Ecker 
Donna Edwards 

Mary Elder 
Gay Eley 
Barbara Ellin 
Deborah Ellin 
Katherine Ellis 
Barbara Elswick 

Barbara Engle 
Sarah Jane Estes 
Nancy Eure 
Sharon Ewers 
Sherry Faison 
Childrey Farber 

Marjorie Famham 
Sarah Farrar 
Elizabeth Faulkner 
•Joan Feathers 
Susan Feathers 
Mary Federal 

Jeffery Finch 
Linda Finkle 
Kay Flanagan 
Angle Foley 
Winifred Ford 
Pat Fox 

Mildred Frame 
Nancy Frost 
Terry Gadsby ' 
Patricia Galdun 
Betty Garland 
Patsy Garland 

Alice Garrett 
Nina Garrison 
Isabel German 
Alesia Getchell 
Brenda Giannini 
Barbara Gibbons 

Maggie Gibbs 
Deborah Gilbert 
Janet Gilliam 
Marsha Gills 
Maria Givens 
Joyce Glascock 


Mary Lou Glasheen 
Dorothy Gleaves 
Courtney Glenn 
Mary Glober 
Nancy Goodman 
Janice Goodrich 

Gail Ann Gossage 
Devra Grabowsky 
Barbara Graham 
Sharon Graham 
Elizabeth Grant 
Joyce Gratchen 

Lee Graves 
Mary T. Graves 
Kathy Gray 
Colleen Greenwood 
Brenda Griffin 
Max HaU 

Jennifer Halladay 
Donna Hamilton 
Tina Hampton 
Linda Hancock 
Bonnie Hanes 
Phyllis Hardbower 

Nancy Hardman 
Jo Harman 
Wanda Harrell 
Bonnie Harris 
Kay Harris 
Vickie Harris 

Jacquelyn Hart 
Nora Hart 
Linda Hartz 
Temple Harvey 
Nancy Hawk 
Nancy Hazelgrove 

Sonja Headley 
Terry Hedge 
Angela Hedgepeth 
Linda Henderson 
Sandra Hensley 
Nadia Hester 

Betty Jo Hicks 
Linda Hile 
Susan Hill 
Deborah Hill 
Viola Hines 
Linda Hoffman 


Sue Hogshead 
Mary Holdsworth 
Brenda Hollins 
Kathy HolUns 
Cindy Hopkins 
Beverly Hostler 

Carla Howell 
Cynthia Hudgins 
Susan Hudgins 
Jeffree Hudson 
Mo Hunt 
Peggy Hunter 

Linda Huntley 
Michaelee Hutchinson 
Deborah Hyatt 
Karen Hyde 
Ann Inge 
Peggy Ingle 

Ann Ingram 
Virginia Ingram 
EmUy Inscoe 
Patricia Insley 
Janet Irvine 
Cindy James 

Martha James 
Rosalie Jared 
Becky Jennings 
Mary Jennings 
Jane Jernigan 
Sandra Jessee 

Suzanne Jessee 
Cheryl Johnson 
Elizabeth Johnson 
Darlene Jones 
Terry Jones 
Pat Kardian 

Paula Karides 
Gloria Karnes 
Cynthia Kearney 
Pat Keesee 
Claudia Kennedy 
Mar\' Ellen Kennedy 

Margaret Kent 
Ginger King 
Joy King 
Sandy King 
Sallie Kirtland 
Nancy Knight 


Marsha Lada 
Judy Lamberth 
Susan Larrick 
Linda Latham 
Anne Lawler 
Sylvie Lawlor 

Alene Lawman 
Barbara Lawson 
Janet Lawter 
Linda Layne 
Reva Layne 
Madelene Leath 

Sharon Lee 
Kathy Lenhart 
Sandra Lenhart 
Jamie Lequeux 
Elisabeth Lescure 
Becky Lester 

Patty Lett 
Anne Lewis 
Joyce Linhart 
Betty Wrenn Liskey 
Patricia Liverman 
Trudy Lynne Londeree 

Cynthia Long 
Deborah Long 
Peggy Long 
Bonnie Longley 
Cathi Loper 
Elaine Lowe 

Cheryl Lucado 
Kathy Lunsford 
Betty McAnally 
Vivian McCall 
Heather McClanahan 
Betty McCormick 

Margie McCormick 
Lynn McCurdy 
Marlene McDaniel 
Jeanne McDonnell 
Kathy McNamara 
Barbara McWhirt 

Patricia Magee 
Jan Main 
Sue Manahan 
Carole Manchey 
Sally Markham 
Francine Marteski 

Ginny Martin 
Mary Martin 
Mary Martin 
Nancy Martin 
Virginia Massey 
Betty Massie 

Jane Matthews 
Debroah Mattox 
Deborah Maxey 
Loretta Meek 
Janice Mehlhaif 
Mary Meredith 

Becky Metcalfe 
Janice Meyers 
Elizabeth Miller 
Joyce Miller 
Miriam Miller 
Faith Minor 

Kathy Moffitt 
Linda Moody 
Nancy Moody 
Susan Moody 
Tina Moody 
Alice Moore 

Mary Lee Moore 
Jeanne Moose 
Fran Moran 
Monica Morgan 
Sylvia Morgan 
Denise Morris 

Valerie Morris 
Donna Morrison 
Ginger Morrison 
Martha Morrisett 
Cindy Morrissette 
Janie Mosbv 

Louise Moss 
Barbara Mountcastle 
Eleanor Munt 
Betty Murphy 
Margaret Murphy 
Mickey Murphy 

Josephine Myers 
Mary Myers 
Edna Nails 
Cathy NeLion 
Renee Nelson 
Valerie Nelson 


Norma New 
Nadina Newman 
Gayle Nicholas 
Larri Niedermayer 
Linda Niess 
Jimmie Lu Null 

Judy O'Hare 
Ann O'Kennon 
Yolanda Old 
•Madeline Oliver 
Sandy Oliver 
Erin O'Shea 

Cheryl Overbeck 
Debbie Padgett 
Dianne Padgett 
Sue Padgett 
Debbie Page 
Joyce Page 

Karen Painter 
Martha Parker 
Barbara Patterson 
Becky Payne 
Mary Peace 
Janet Pearman 

Pam Pendleton 
Susan Perpall 
Janice Perry 
Curry Pettis 
Janet Pierce 
Karen Pierce 

Lynne Pierce 
Shirley Pinney 
Pamela Pitts 
Deborah Poetter 
Alice Pool 
Donna Porter 

Susan Proffitt 
Jerryetta Pugh 
Joanne Pulhg 
Barbara PurceU 
Peggy PurceU 
Susan Puryear 

Beverly Quillen 
Elizabeth Raines 
Elizabeth Ramsey 
Darla Raney 
Martha Reamy 
Terri Reese 

Diane Revere 
Nancy Reynolds 
Donna Rhodes 

Elizabeth Richard 
Elizabeth Richey 
Anne Richmond 

I-^ - .1 

k 1 



Robb Rilee 
Martha Ritchie 
Fran Rives 



Kathy Robertson 
Pam Roy 
Janice Russell 

Becky Rutherford 
Nancy Salle 
Mary Sampselle 
Brenda Sanderson 
Ann Santore 
Belinda Satterwhite 

Joyce Saunders 
Nan Sayles 
Cynthia Schatz 
Judith Schnepf 
Ann Scott 
Miriam Scott 

Susan Scott 
Deborah Scruggs 
Cathy Scully 
Wendy Seeirle 
Rebecca Seccuro 
Loraine Servies 

Janet Seyler 
Lee Shan- 
Susan Shealor 
Linda Shelton 
Lynn Sherertz 
Marv Jo Sherrard 


Connie Shield 
Marguerite Shiffler 
Kathy Simmons 
Teresa Singer 
Stephanie Sivert 
Betsy Slye 

Linda Smalley 
Mary Smiley 
Irene Smith 
Margaret Smith 
Sylvia Smith 
Travis Smith 

Vicki Smith 
Debbie Snead 
Mary Ellen Soslowski 
Pam Sparrow 
Sandy Spence 
Kay Spreeman 

Carol Spruell 
Donna Spruill 
Carolyn Starmont 
Cathy Stephens 
Laura Stephens 
Arlene Sterling 

Margaret Stillman 
Linda Stone 
BeHnda Stublen 
Helen Surface 
Marsha Sweet 
Carolyn Talbot 

Audrey Talley 
Judith Tate 
Lucille Taylor 
Vikki Taylor 
Cathy Teague 
Darnell Tench 

Margaret Terrell 
Amy Thomas 
Gail Thompson 
Tricia Thompson 
Lynn Tilman 
Terri Tomlin 

Janet Treanor 
Wanda Trickey 
Faith Trogdon 
Debbie Tuck 
Janice Tuck 
Monique Tucker 


Carol Tunkel 
Nancy Tureman 
Beverly Turner 
Sherry Turner 
Nita Tyndall 
Cindy Tyson 

Jeanie VanHom 
Cameron Vann 
Laura Vaughan 
Karen Verget 
Mcirtha Vierheller 
Donna Waldron 

Jerrie Walker 
Linda Wall 
Martha Wall 
Louise Wallace 
Mary Walter 
Joyce Walters 

Eunice Weurd 
Mary Ward 
Cathryn Webb 
Debra Weeks 
Kathy Weeks 
Vicki Wendt 

Freshmen find that the weekly trip to the campus soon fits easily 
into busy schedules. 

Gail Whitehurst 
Janet Whitehurst 

Joyce Whitlock 
Pam Wickham 
Marion Williams 
Kitty Willis 
Janie Wiltshire 
Judy Wimmer 

Brenda Wine 
Beth Winslow 
Faleta Winston 
Susan Womack 
Karen Wood 
Shirley Wood 

Jane Wooldridge 
Susan Woolf 
Amy Worsley 
Sharon Wortham 
Becky Yau 
Marcia Zimmermann 

The Red 'n White Float of Oktoberfest was manned by freshmen and 
juniors alike for the parade. 

Out of the shelter of life, 

a few people 

are selected for us 

by the accident of 

temporary confinement 

in the same 


. . But thrown together 

on this island of 

living we stretch 

to understand 

each other and are 


by the stretching. 


Mrs. Mary Stuart Woodburn, advisor 
Mary Lou Whitehead, president 

Sue Anderson, Barbara Jenkins, Frankie Brown, Connie 
Metcalf. Not pictured: Gayle Park. 

Sherry Faison, Katherine Hipskind, Andee 
Maddox, Dillard Vaughan, Shorti Moriconi, 
Linda Jones, Susie Marsh, Suzanne Turner, 
Joanne Todd. 



Seated: Penny Jones, Pat Necessary. 
Standing: Kathy Barclay, Kathy Parker, 
Cathy Smoral, Pam Sellers, Pam Crowder, 
Sandy Oliver, Becky West. 

Tommi Stone, Carolyn Davenport, Pam 
Garnett, Debbie Kinney, Judy Turner, Sue 
Goodson, Peggy Carter, Brucie Boggs, Vicki 
Eyler, Sallie Gibbs. 


Front Row: Barbara Jenkins, Lynn Woodlief, 
Betty Boaz, Sandy Grogan. Second Row: Gail 
Waldron, Chris McDonnell, Casey Wilkes, Mary 
Lou Sowers, Lynn Sheretz, Cindy Reed, Martha 
Conway, Toni Costley. 

Julie Primm, Phyllis Carter, Lynn Coleman, 
Shelia Daniel, Annie Phillips, Carol Umdenstock, 
Mary Janss. 


President Shorti Moriconi 

Vice President Lynn Coleman 

Recording Secretary Vicki Eyler 

Corresponding Secretary 

Mary Lu Sowers 

Treasurer Pam Garnett 

Advisors Miss Nancy Andrews, 

Miss Toni Goodman 

Not Pictured: Brenda Bro\vn, Karen Lewis, 
Kathy Moffit, Donna Baker, Patsy Garland, Pat 
Lunceford, Betty Garland, Susan Hill, Freda 


Above Left: Bic Kolcum, Judy Collie, Judy Jones, Frankie 
Brown. Second Row: Judy Clements, Stuart Windle, 
Donna Dowling, Mary Johnston, Helen Hance. 

Above: Phyllis Wilson, Selena Lee, Donna Gibson, Frances 
Moran, Elise, Caldwell, Bev Burke, Kris Naylor, Ginger 

Vice President 
Recording Secretary 
Corresponding Secretary 

Joyce Temple 

Lucy Gilbert 

Bonnie Andrews 

Helen Hance 

Jane Arehart 

Dr. Beatrice Bland 

Mary Alice Carmody Randy Graves 

Seated: Lee Sharr, Fran Anthony, Linda Bullock. Standing: Donna 
Hale, Judy Haynes, Libba Ball, Angela Foley, Janis Russell. 


Front Row. Sheny Duke, Aleta 
Sandkam. Second Row: Lynn 
Wilson, Janet Lucy, Bonnie 
Andrews, Annie Anthony, Merlyn 
Smith. Third Row: Lucy Gilbert, 
Kay Curtis, Lois Wells, Shari 

Front Row: Donna Dowling, Ruth 
Durham, Gay Snead, Sally Foster, 
Joyce Temple. Second Row: Verona 
Leake, Carol Servies, Ellen Dunn, 
Gwen Phillips, Helen Hance, Jane 
Edwards, Mary Johnston, Roz 

Linda Lew, Linda Floyd, Judy Donohoe, Diane Lawhorn, 
Jane Arehart, Mary Soslowski, Miriam Miller, Margaret 

Top: Sue Toney. Middle: Pam Patteson, Jane Neubeuer. Bottom: Bonnie Ellis, 
Sarah Donato, Mary Sampselle. 

President Betty Savage 

Vice President Jeanette Bickings 
Recording Secretary 

Lynne Berryman 
Corresponding Secretary 

Mary Brinkley 
Treasurer Jane Neubeuer 

Advisor Mrs. Lucy Simpson 


Linda Amick 
Theresa Chiles 
JoAnn Crabtree 

Marjorie Fox 

Ruth Ohl 

Mary Ryan 

Seated: Lynne Berryman, Carolyn Hurley, 
Irene Smith, Dale Payne, Peggy Jo Stidd. 
Standing: Janet Kimball, Doima Mayton. 
Chris Brighter. 

Seated: Jeanette Bickings, Susie Smith, Betty Savage. Standing: Becky Jennings, Mary 
Brinkley, Barbara Cooper, Jeanne Moose. 

Pam Patteson, Jackie Hart, Sandy Jessee, Mary Fuda, Lynn Kwiatkowski, Bonnie Ellis, Ann 




Carol Mitchell 

Vice President 

Peggy Winn 

Recording Secretary 

Maria Suter 


Corresponding Secretary 

Sam Compton 


Jeanene Woolfolk 
Miss Carolyn Callaway 

Seated: Maria Suter, Candy 
Dickenman, Carol Mitchell, Betty 
King. Standing: Dianne Spence, 
Maxine Stone, Jeanene Woolfolk, 
Harriet Carrow, Ann Yancey, Miss 
Carolyn Callaway, Peggy Winn. 

Front: Janet Hirshman, Second 
Row: Beth Hall, Jane McCaffrey, 
Martha James, Dottie Bohannon, 
Cindy Cain, Jeanne Davis. 

Front Row: Vickie Grubbs, Jo Anne Canada, Linda 
Rew, Debbie Chapman. Second Row: Jeanene 
Woolfolk, Debbie Remsburg, Cathy Nelson, Mona 

Connie Willian^s, Kathy Noonan, Anne Creekmcre, 
Linda Hoffman, Shelley Claire, Nedra Distel, Cindy 

Front: Janet Harpold. Second Row: 
Pat Baker, Cathy Teague, Mary 
Alice Elwang, Laurel Baldwin, Julie 

Eleanor ChaUen 
Martha Chevalier 
Sam Compton 
Trudy Chowns 
Rita Cox 
Tinker Habel 
Linda Henderson 
Dianne Huhng 
Suzi Johnson 
Martha Morrisett 
Debbie Morton 
Alexis Tew 
Terry Vancantfort 


Vicld Horner, Tucker Butler, Jane Quesenbury, Maria Kilmartin, 
Cany Rogers, Barbara Coursen, Sue Rhodes, Lynda Driver, Kaydell 
Edwards, Sandy Peterson. 

(Left) Louise Hanbury, Paige Tirelis, Joyce 
Whitlock, Ann Ruth Etheridge, Wendy 

Seated: Bruce 
Daugherty, Monica 
Morgan, Ruth 
Campbell. Standing: 
Becky Cole, Martha 
Halbleib, Laura 
Stanford, Beth 
Wetmore, Brenda 
Walter, Carolyn 
Barwick, Cindy 
Jamison, Cathy 
Draper, Merideth 
Baker, Betty Rae 

(Right) Seated: Nancy Davis, Claudia Cunningham, Evelyn Pauley, 
Debbie Duff, Stuart Miller, Jane Richardson. Standing: Janet 
Peeirman, Katy Bendheim, Beth Blanchard, Mary Ingram. 

Recording secretary 
Corresponding secretary 

Lynda Driver 

Sandy Peterson 

Jane Richardson 

Debbie Duff 

Cindy Jamison 


Mrs. R. Kirkland Hubbard 

(Below) Suzanne Morgan, Dale Moore, Bev Shaw, Susan Talbot, 
Mary McWhite, Debbie Duncan, Carol Spivey, Cindy Clarke. 

Not pictured: Sharon Gray, Susi Lynch, Dodie Percy, Carol Sanders, 
Bessie Palmore. 






Recording Secreatry 

Corresponding secretary 



Bobbie Hitt 
Martha Williams 

Dottie Long 
Gail Douglas 

Ruth Doyle 
Mrs. Jean Wilson 

(Left) Cathy Vanderberry, Marcia Zimmerman, Nancy Chase, 
Margaret Terrell (Below) Barbara Daub, Lee Southhall, 
Joyce Page, Julia Smith, Nan Forbes, Val White, Kathy 
Wilson, Boolie McCann, Connie Hall, Martha Williams. 

Not pictured: Martha Jane Barnes, Ann Gail Coleman, Gail 
Douglas, Kathy Doyle, Ruth Doyle, Debbie Jamerson, Sandy 
Jacobson, Suzanne Jeter, Kitty Kinsey, Sue McClure, Sally 
McGraw, Judy May, Karen MedUn, Carolyn Morris, Susan 
Proffitt, Lynne RawKngs, Robb Rilee, Karen Verget. 



■ 1 

1 H||HK|tiff»r4M ra 







(Top) Ann Rowe, Sue Anderson, Martha Williams, Nan Forbes, 
Julia Smith, Sandy Midgette, Lee Southall, Barbara Daub, 
Bobbie Hite, Doddie Long. 

(Above) Debbie Brown, Rozi Jackson, Lila Pretlowe, Gwen 
Brooking, Douglas Coury, Sandy Midgette. 


Q A ^J !l f> ^ ^' ^ ^ 


Front Row: Pinkey Harrison, Laura Trimble, Muffin Vann. Second Row: Jane Eddy, 
Barbara Northfleet, LaDorma Rasnick, Patsy Peach, Kay Webb, Betsy Craig, Gary 
Cooley, Ginny Martin. Third Row: Koky Wooling, Martha Reynolds. 

(Above) Floor: Mimi Woosley, Kathy McGuire, 
Jana Brubaker, Gayle Park. Second Row: Gwen 
Robinson, Brenda Morene, Anna Lineweaver, Linda 
Niess, Susan Roop, Anne Pearson. 


Not pictured: Donna 
Gleason, Sharon 
Jefferson, Shelley Moorer, 
Drew Wagner, Candy 

(Top) Seated: Joanna Newby, Sharon Farmer, Maureen Bailey, 
Brenda Roundtree, Susan Guild, Rita Barrett, Susan Kilvington, Cy 
Young, Mary Ross. Standing: Mary King Coleman, Becky Kelso. 
(Above) Seated: Susan Roop, Gayle Park, Anne Pearson, Maureen 
Bailey. Standing: Kathy McGuire, Medie Wood, Rita Sell, Randi 
Eldridge, Becky Kelso. 







Mary Ross 

Becky Kelso 

Koky Wooling 

Martha Reynolds 

Miss EmOy HoUaday 


Seated: Marg Nuckols, Alice Wholey, 
Diarme Pond, Marie Hillard, Ellen 
Carter. Standing: Linda Droste, 
Monique Tucker, Ginger King, Susan 
Fauber, Linda Thomas. 

Opposite: Sharon Woolson, Karen Price, Jill Randolph, Wanda 
Spicer, Pam Colebum, Fran Kimble. 


Not pictured; Debbie Brugh, Cheryl Cole, 
Ann Marie Daley, Karen DeBord, Linda 
EUingwood, Carole Gibson, Debbie Going, Jo 
Harmon, Sandy Hitt, Kathy Hollins, Ann 
Holt, Val Pearce, Ann PuUiam, Francie Sale, 
Judy Taylor, Mike Urnes, Wanda Wright. 

B. J. Diggs, Diane Haley, Charlotte Bennett, 
Lynette Kube, Helen Fortune, Bonnie 

President Karey Olson 

Vice-president Margaret Nuckols 

Recording Secretary Sandy Hill 

Corresponding Secretary Bonnie Ferguson 
Treasurer Wanda Wright 

Advisor Mrs. Josephine H. Magnifico 

Seated: Berta Johnson, Trisha Spillan. Standing: Karey 
Olson, Joanne Darby, Nona Davis, Lynda Davis, Edrie 

Opposite: Maryanne Chandler, Linda Snead, Pat Perry. 

President Judy Thomas 

First Vice-president Brenda Dudley 
Second Vice-president Susan Stoakes 
Recording Secretary Pat Loughran 
Corresponding Secretary Sue Rinaldi 
Treasurer Paulette Batten 


Mrs. Walter Hathaway, Mrs. Phyllis 
Harriss, Miss Elizabeth Etheridge 

(Top) Phyllis Saunders, Julie 
Smith, Paulette Batten, Ann Heely, 
Cynthia Borill, Ann Oyer, Mary 
Jane Heilman. 

(Middle) Front Row: Barbara 
Moore, Mary Lou Glasheen. Second 
Row: Kathy Weeks, Ann Sherman, 
Jody Mace, Betty Carol Bell, 
Barbara Barnes, Trisha Shaw, 
Patty Loughran, Ann Becht. 

(Right) Sue Rinaldi, Mary 
Margaret Holm, Janice Austin, 
Sally Gill, Lindsey Lewis. 

^0 .^tRa%^^ «^': 

. . 7 .» i «' ^ IS ... 

(Tap) Front Row: Judy Thomas, Faye Gustafson, 
Marsha Franklin, Brenda Dudley, Jean Miller, 
Cherie Weeks, Kathy Peters. Second Row: Jo Ann 
Melchor, Catherine Leary, Jackie White. (Middle) 
Nancy Hardy, Trisha Fox, Debbie Costen, Helen 
Beamer, Judy Martin. (Left) Front Row: Terry 
Williams, Nan Byrd, Kay Powell. Second Row: 
Brenda Beck, Anna Cogbill, Carolyn Odom, Carolyn 
Latham, Cheryl Draper, Jo Ann Tigue. Not 
Pictured: Barbara Barnes, Phyllis Colombarc, Bettie 
Jo Coverstone, Linda Godsey, Ali Shea, Susan 
Stoakes, Debbie Lamb. 


President Tinke Skinner 

Vice-president Ellen Hodnett 

Recording Secretary 

Melissa Howe 
Corresponding secretary 

Marsha Gibson 
Treasurer Natalie Hannabass 
Advisor Mrs. Robert Woodburn 

(Top) Seated: Janet Balchor, Kathy Simmons, Martha Ritchie, Karen 
Ayres, Standing: Chris Feathers, Jo Myers, Glenda Cornwell, Chris 
Branchina. (Above) Seated: Brenda Bullock, Ann Beale, Ann Weisiger, 
Cartie Keene. Standing: Nancy Jackson, Stevie Bickers, Ann 
Richmond, Gayle Hughes. (Left) Front Row: Claire Tavel, Sandy 
Vaughn, Betsy Bryant. Second Row: Peggy Schafer, Fran Rives, Donna 
Campbell, Margaret Rogers, Jewell Catron. Third Row: Trisha Challenor, 
Lynn Chamberlain. 

(Above) Barbara Gooderum, Tinke 
Skinner, Clemmy Carter, Pokey 
Stevens, Connie Metcalf, Sandra Jones, 
Ellen Hodnett, Susan Bradshaw, 
Cheryl Suddith. (Left) Marsha Gibson, 
Melissa Hovife, Charla Evans, Tracy 
Laine, Diane Livick, NataUe 
Hannabass, Susan Phillips, Liz Giles. 
(Below) Belinda Stublen, Sharon 
Ewers, Trisha Thompson, Ginger 
Harrison, Sherry Turner, Susan Woolf, 
Teresa Seaman, Susan Hudgins. Not 
pictured: Chena Allison, Cindy Blair, 
Susan Boswell, Janet Bowker, Cindy 
Carr, Patt Jones, Joyce Miller, Penny 
Nichols, Mary Butterworth. 


President Ann Sprint 

Vice-president Elizabeth Nicar 

Recording secretary Virginia King 

Corresponding secretary Bev Cook 

Treasurer Susan DuPriest 

Advisor Mrs. T. C. Dalton 

(Top) Front Row: Paula Malcolm, Sharon Smith. 
Second Row: Linda Peck, Janie Spitzer, Virginia 
King, Ann Sprint, Susan DuPriest, Bev Cook, Libby 
Nicar, Mary Lou Whitehead. (Right) Front Row: 
Barbara Leahey, Martha Marchese, Vicki York, 
Linda Dixon. Standing: Joan Putney, Peggy Allen, 
Ketsy Gibb, Janet Clark, Libby Nicar, Martha 
Whitehurst. (Below) B. J. Rogers, Andee Myers, 
Mary Lou Whitehead, Jo Ann Rateau, Jo Mottley, 
Sue Ellen Graham, Ketsy Gibb, Bonnie Bowers, 
Nancy Dahmer, Mary Dixon. 

(Top) Bev Cook, Virginia Robertson, Joy 
Taliferro, Mary T. Graves, Janie Spitzer, 
Barbara Bancroft, Max Hall, Cindy Baughan. 
(Middle) Front Row: Maggie Gibbs, Dawn 
Lawman. Seated: M2irgaret Webb, Mary Jo 
Sherrod, Bonnie Davis, MeUnda Mottley, Peg 
Clowdis, Virginia King. Standing: Tina Moody, 
Nancy Frost, Nancy Goodman. (Left) Seated: 
Judy Wimmer. Standing: Vicki Smith, Debbie 
Hyatt, Gail Thompson, Pam Pendleton. Not 
Pictured: Louise Bailey, Joan Claire Barnes, 
Demetra Bradford, Nancy Dunn, Nancy Gunter, 
Kitty Keene, June Langston, Sharon Vick. 

Abbott, Norma Jean 46 

Abernathy, Deborah K. 203 

Abeinethy, Virginia D. 203 

Adams, Bonnie Sue 203 

Adams, Mary Susan 191 

Adams, Susan E. 67,82,85 

Adams, Winifred B. 74 

Adkisson, Mary S. 82,96,191 

Agnew, Sandra J. 134 

Airington, Karen Joy 203 

Akers, Brenda Joyce 152 Narrows, Va.; 
B.S. Sociology 

Akers, Sally Irene 191 

Albright, Susan D. 191 

Alford, Deborah K. 173 

Allbright, Cindy 173 

Allen, Anne Gary 173 

Allen, Barbara Jane 203 

Allen, Brenda Marie 173 

Allen, Brenda P. 70,79,96,191 

Allen, Carolyn Roper 67, 70, 79, 96, 173 

Allen, Judith P. 127 

Allen, Mary Lewis 45 

Allen, Nancy Rebecca 191 

Allen, Pamela Jean 203 

Allen, Peggy Teresa 83, 191, 238 

Alley, Fredrica B. 203 

Alley, Patricia D. 203 

Ailing, Sally Jean 191 

Allison, Chena F. 86, 139,237 Wiesbaden, 
Germany; B.A. Sociology; Sigma Sigma 

AUman, Mary Rozier 71 

Alpha Delta Pi 220,221 

Alpha Gamma Delta 218, 219 

Alpha Lambda Delta 67 

Alpha Phi 222,223 

Alpha Psi Omega 68 

Alpha Sigma Alpha 226,227 

Alpha Sigma Tau 224, 225 

Alvarst, Miriam 191 

Amick, Linda C. 168,222 

Amonett, Billy 30 

Anderson, Doris Jean 203 

Anderson, Harriet Sue 173,217,229 

Anderson, Nancy 44 

Anderson, Peggy R. 78,191 

Andrews, Bonnie Gay 69, 74, 85, 90, 119, 221 
Richmond, Va.;B.S. Elementary Ed. ; 
Wesley Foundation; Concert Choir; 
ROTUNDA, photographer; GYRE; Ger- 
man Club, sec; M.E.N.C.; S.E.A.; 
Pi Delta Epsilon; Alpha Delta Pi, re- 
porter -- hist.; Pi Gamma Mu. 

Andrews, Dana Carol 203 

Andrews, Nancy A. 38,44,98,219 

Andrews, Sarah K. 203 

Ange, Brenda Faye 72,203 

Angell, Rebecca Sue 94, 173 

Angles, Margaret R. 72,191 

Anthony, Annie Sue 173,221 

Anthony, Diana Elaine 173 

Anthony, Frances M. 87, 101, 103, 120,220 

Arehart, Jane M. 137,221, Waynesboro, 
Va.; B.S. Elementray Ed.; French Club; 

. we sometimes try to simplify 

the many 

into an abstraction called 

the mass. 

Y.W.C.A.; Alpha Delta Pi, treas.; 
Young Democrats. 
Arhart, Mary Susan 72 , 19 1 
Armentrout, Mary A. 115 
Amette, Celia Leslie 203 
Arthur, Rita Mae 203 
Ashby, Jane 203 
Ashby, Kathryn 203 
Ashe, Jacqueline 100, 203 
Ashley, Janet Leah 203 
Ashlock, Marie A. 85,71 
Ashwell, Deborah L. 191 
Aston, Beverly Jane 81, 83, 190, 191 
Atkins, Jane E. 203 
Atkinson, Mary Lee 203 
Austin, Angela C . 203 
Austin, Barbara S. 118 
Austin, Janice M. 64,75,107,234 
Austin, John M. 60 
Austin, Lois Jane 85,94 
Avery, Ada Amy 191 
Ayers, Karen 203,236 
Ayers, Melinda 85 
Baber, Mrs. Thelma 30 
Bache, Nancy Fay 203 
Badger, Dr. Blanche C. 43 
Bageant, Robyn Dare 191 
Bagley, Beverly Anne 78, 191 
Bagley, Eleanor Gayle 173 
Bagley, Gayle E. 203 
Bailey, Janan 203 
Bailey, Linda Marie 203 
Bailey, Louise F. 83,191,195,239 
Bailey, Maureen L. 173,231 
Baker, Debra Ann 101,203 
Baker, Donna Maiie 102, 191,219 
Baker, Meredith Ann 173, 227 
Baker, Patricia Lee 191,225 
Baldwin, Julia Ann 203 
Baldwin, Laurel K. 87,104,173,225 
Baldwin, Mary F. 85,91,100,191 
Ball, Elizabeth Conklin 64, 74, 79, 82, 85, 
90, 169,220 Richmond, Va.; B.S. Ele- 
mentary Ed.; Canterbiory Club; Grand- 
daughter's Club; Concert Choir; Hamp- 
den- Sydney cheerleader; Young Repub- 
licans; S.E.A.; Orchesis, Pi Delta Epsi- 
lon; Alpha Delta Pi; M.E.N.C; Who's 
Who; ROTUNDA, photographer, feature 
ed., editor; Orientation leader; Associ- 
ated Collegiate Press Conference; Publi- 
cations Board. 
Ballowe, Bettie Jane 203 
Bancroft, Barbara Ann 191,239 
Bangham, Margaret Lee 101,20; 
Banton, Dr. Robert L. 62 

Baptist Student Union 96 

Barber, Jane E. 161 

Barber, Mary E. 191 

Barclay, Katherine L. 82,83,191,218 

Barfield, Romine Connie 72, 121 Emporia, 

Va.; B.S. Business, Ed.; House Assoc; 

Phi Beta Lambda; S.E.A. 
Barnard, Nancy Lee 203 
Barnes, Barbara Anne 142,235 Chesapeake, 

Va.; B.S. Elementary Ed. ; Sigma Kappa, 

co-rush chm.; Colleague; Orientation 

Barnes, Joan Claire 191,239 
Barnes, Martha Jane 127,228 
Barnes, Susan Carol 85, 191 
Barnhill, Deborah J. 191 
Barrett, Nancy H. 137 
Barrett, RitaC. 149,231 
Bartholomew, Susan L. 191 
Batts, Billy S. 50 
Barwick, Carolyn Ann 227 
Basham, Janet Gail 203 
Basl, Barbara Anne 203 
Bassford, Kathleen A, 191 
Batchelor, Linda S. 203 
Batten, Paulette 76,173,234 
Batterman, Sandra Kay 203 
Batty, Deborah Ann 80, 100, 191 
Baughan, Cindy Lee 203, 239 
Bayler, Donna C. 93,203 
Bays, Edrie Hill 94, 173,233 
Beale, Anne 236 
Beamer, Helen 173,235 
Beard, Mary D. 134 
Beard, Sharon E. 203 
Beasley, Juanita S. 191 
Beasley, Marjorie L. 203 
Beauchamp, Sarah 203 
Beaumont, GailO., Instr, English 
Beacht, Anne Regina 83, 191, 234 
Beck, Brenda Kay 203, 235 
Bedford, Virginia 39 
Bell, Elizabeth C. 173,234 
Bell, Julia E. 173 
Bendheim, Kate 93,203,227 
Bennett, Charlotte W. 74,173,233 
Bently, Jane Marie 114 
Bently, Mary Ann 203 
Beresford, Jane Ann 203 
Berger, Susan Gail 203 
Berkebile, Joyce Ann 203 
Berkis, Dr. Alexander V. 38 
Berno, Susan Jane 203 
Berryman, Lynne 19 1 , 222 
Bevard, Brenda 82, 191 
Beverly, Angeline D. 203 

Bickers, Stephanie 236 
Bickings, Virginia 173 

Bickings, Jeanette 64, 77 , 85, 144, 222, 223 
Hopewell, Va.; B.A. English; HallPres.; 
House Assoc; Wesley Foundation; Span- 
ish Club; Soph, asst.; Student asst.; 
Orientation leader; S.E.A.; Dorm pres.; 
Residence Board; Alpha Phi, v. -pres., 

Binger, Dr. Janet L. 41 

Bishop, Barbara 59 

Birkheard, Cynthia L. 204 

Bishop, Anne Marie 102, 173 

Bissell, Dr. Robert 39 

Bittinger, M. Heray 61 

Blackwell, Dr. Herbert R. 28 

Blair, Cvnthia 204,237 

Blair, Margaret 191 

Blanchard, Beth L. 204,227 

Bland, Janet Gay 191 

Bland, Dr. R. Beatrice 55 

Blane, Susan C. 204 

Blankenship, Linda G. 192 

Blanton, Martha 192 

Blanton, Vivian F. 71, 85, 121 

Blevins, Susan 173 

Blount, Linda Gail 73, 129, Randolph, Va.; 
B.S. Art; Philakalia, v. -pres. 

Blunt, Beverly 192 

Blythe, Barbara 74, 85, 93, 96, 173 

Blythe, Lucy Carolyn 173 

Boaz, Betty 174,219 

Bobbitt, Eleanor W. 35 

Bobbitt, Linda Sue 78, 192 

Bocock, JaneC. 192 

Boehm, Pauline V., Asst. Prof, Music 

Boggs, Martha Bruce 204, 218 

Bogie, Lena Ingrid 69, 128 

Bohannon, Dorothy A. 101,204 

Bonhon, Sylvia Yvonne 204 

Bollinger, Sandra A. 56 

Bolte, Arnie 174 

Bolton, Kay Scott 204 

Bondurant, Bonnie F. 160 

BongiornOj Joseph 30 

Booker, Mary Jane 204 

Booker, Ruth Ellen 73, 134, Gladstone, 
Va.; B.S. Art; Philakalia; M.E.N.C; 

Boothe, Mary Ann 204 

Boull, Cynthia L. 83,192,234 

Bosserman, Gay 123 

Boswell, Susan 237 

Bottoms, Cora Diane 67, 192 

Bowden, Phyllis Y. 204 

Bourne, Sharon L. 68,69,74,78,89,94,113 
Wakefield, Va.; B.A. History; Longwood 
Players; Alpha Psi Omega; Alpha Lambda 
Delta; Kappa Delta Pi; S.E.A.;GYRE; 
German Club, sec; Pi Gamma Mu, pres.; 
Unitarian Fellowship, chm; Young Repub- 

Bowker, Janet Mary 204, 237 

Bowling, Lindsey Diane 1 10 

Bowling, Vickie 192 

Bowman, Betty Ann 49 

Bowman, Marcia K. 74 

Bowers, Bonnie 63, 76, 80, 174, 238 

Boyd, Camm Carrington 152 Virginia Beach, 
Va.; B.S. Elementary Ed.; Young Repub- 

Boykin, Jenny 85, 86, 174, 187 

Boylan, Betty Lou 73, 74, 110 

Bozard, Kathleen, R. 204 

Brackett, Cathy E. 192 

Bradford, Anna Demetia 83, 192, 239 

Bradley, Cynthia L. 101,204 

Bradley, Linda Diane 98 

Bradley, Sandra Lee 174 

Bradshaw, Susan H. 125,237 

Bradshaw, Hope 174 

Bradshaw, Wendy 192,226 

Bragassa, Lena P. 174 

Branchina, Lynne 204,236 

Branchin, Donna 192 

Braswell, Gladys Ann 192 

Braswell, Nancy Susan 204 

Breeden, Connie S. 192 

Brigers, Carole 204 

Briel, Dr. David A., Dept. of Natural Sci. 

Briel, Dr. Sandra J. 37,59 

Brighter, Christine 192,222 

Brinkley, Cynthia Lou 204 

Brinkley, Mary E. 192,222,223 

Brinkley, Nancy C . 1 19 

Bristol, George R. 30 

Brizendine, Mary J. Ill 

Broadaway, Suzanne K. 174 

Broadfoot, Sharon Kay 67, 74, 174 

Brock, Brenda Lee 204 

Bromley, Elizabeth T. 192 

Brooking, Gwen 174,229 

Brooks, Cynthia Gale 93 

Brooks, Deborah L. 204 

Brooks, Frances D., Placement Dir. 

Brotherton, Carol 141 

Broun, Gail 204 

Brown, Brenda 75, 174,219 

Brown, Frankie 75, 78, 83, 192, 217, 220 

Brown, Cheryl Ann 83, 85, 86, 192 

Brown, Cheryl Lee 93, 204 

Brown, Deborah Gayle 87, 174,229 

Brown, Dr. Frances R. 29 

Brown, Janice 85,86,96,174 

Brown, Janice Arlene 71,93,204 

Brown, Jennifer Ann 192 

Brown, Judy Ann 192 

Brown, Linda Lou 204 

Brown, Mary Phyllis 192 

Brown, Patty 192 

Brown, Sarah Frances 63, 75, 106 Charlottes- 
ville, Va.; B.S. Elementary Ed.; Legis- 
lative Board; Hall pres.; Exam Comm. 
chm.; Student asst.; Orientation leader; 
V.A.S.G. Convention; Apple Blossom 
Princess; Geist. 

Brown, Sharon Kaye 118 Rosedale, Va.; 
B.S. History and Social Sci.; Pi Gamma 
Mu; Pi Delta Epsilon; VIRGINIAN, asst. 
ed.; S.E.A.; Political Sci. Club; Young 

Republicans; Resident counselor. 

Brown, Shelton Ann 204 

Brown, Timothy C . 30 

Broyhill, Nancy E. 74, 169 

Brubaker, Jana Lee 83, 192,230 

Brugh, Debbie 174,233 

Brumfield, Dr. Robert T. 52 

Bryant, Gayle Elizabeth 78, 159 Richmond, 
Va.; B.S. Spanish; Spanish Club; treas., 
pres.,; Alpha Lambda Delta; Lambda 
Iota Tau; Granddaughter's Club; Resi- 
Board, v. -pres.; Judicial Board, Orienta- 
tion leader. 

Bryant, Alice E. 204 

Bryant, Marlene Kay 204 

Bryant, Mary V. 192,236 

Bryson, Deanna M. 78, 174 

Buchanan, Donna Lynn 204 

Bugg, Belinda Y. 93,204 

Bullock, Brenda M. 204,236 

Bullock, Linda Ann 174,220 

Burch, Carol Ann 204 

Burcher, Kay L. 81, 192 

Burke, Beverly C. 204,220 

Burke, Thomas P., Jr., Asst. Prof., History 

Burnett, Elizabeth A. 204 

Burton, Beverlie P . 192 

Bush, Sally C. 54, 100, 101 

Bussard, LaDonna K. 71,192 

Bussey, Karen Ann 204 

Butcher, Margaret 204 

Butler, Charles E., Library Dir. and Prof., 
Library Sci. 

Butler, Marion Tucker 123,226 Buckingham, 
Va.; B.S. Elementary Ed. ; Granddaughter's 
Club, pres.; S.E.A. ; Alpha Sigma Alpha, 
rec sec. 

Butterworth, MaiyC. 237 

Butterworth, Ruth W. 204 

Byrd, Nan 83,192,235 

Cafazza, Martha E. 85,122 

Cahoots 86 

Cahill, Ellen 100, 101, 102, 192 

Cain, Cynthia Ann 204, 224 

Caldwell, Elise 78, 192,220 

Callahan, Carolyn Lea 204 

Callaway, Carolyn R. 46,97,101,104,224 

Callis, Donna J.. 147 

Callis, Valerie 192 

Camden, Brenda 192 

Campbell, Donna Jean 86, 129,236 

Campbell, Linda Jane 102,204 

Campbell, Lisa B. 204 

Campbell, Ruth Anne 204,227 

Campbell, Vickie Lynn 204 

Canada, Jo Anne 225 

Capasso, Carol 204 

Carel, Elaine Amy 204 

Carey, Bett>' Rae 227 

Carmody, Mary Alice 73, 89, 91, 174, 220 

Carpenter, Jennie L. 192 

Carper, Sandra Gail 204 

Carr, Catherine 102,192,237 

Carr, LTC John E. Ill, USA Ret. 28 

Carrow, Harriet G. 83,192,224 

Carter, Clemmy 237 


Carter, Ellen G. 193,232 

Carter, Joyce Bennett 73, 130 Appomattox, 

Va.; B.S. Biology; Lynchnos; Young 

Carter, Linda Denyse 72, 174 
Carter, Linda Kay 204 
Carter, Peggy Ann 174,218 
Carter, Phyllis 63', 64, 70, 77,99, 139,219 

Alexandria, Va.; B.S. Health andPhys. 

Ed.; House Council; Residence Board, 

pres., treas.; Hockey; Lacrosse; Delta 

Psi Kappa; Colleague; Orientation 

leader; Who's Who; Geist. 
Carter, Sharon Anne 204 
Carter, Wanda 174 
Carter, Winston Marie 204 
Casey, Candy 1-93,231 
Catron, Jewell A. 71,158,236 
Caulk, Anna H. 205 
Cavedo, Elizabeth 101,205 
Certa, Kimberly 205 
Challen, Eleanor D. 97,101,205,225 
Challenor, Patricia A. 205,236 
Chamberlin, Janice L. 236 
Chandler, Agnes Ruth 81,82,205 
Chandler, Faye E. 96, 174 
Chandler, Mary Anne 193,233 
Chaney, Elsie 205 
Chapman, Ann Waller 205 
Chapman, Debra 81, 82, 205, 225 
Chapman, Marilyn Ann 193 
Chappell, Martha E. 193 
Chase, Nancy 205, 228 
Cheely, Arrie E. 205 
Chevalier, Martha 75, 83, 193, 225 
Chewning, Linda Rae 69, 174 
Chi 66 

Chiles, Theresa A. 134,222 
Chisholm, Bonnie C. 205 
Chory, Carol Rae 98,205 
Chowns, Trudy 83, 225 
Christian, Pamela 205 
Christian, Susan 79, 174 
Christy, Rebecca 205 
Chuchek, Joanne 174 
C laire , Shelley 8 1 , 205 , 225 
C lardy, Brenda 175 
Clark, Dinah Lee 205 
Clark, Emily 52 
Clark, Janet Marie 175,238 
Clark, Karen N. 205 
Clark, Sue 30 

Clarke, Cynthia G. 193,227 
Clarke, Karen Dawn 93, 205 
Clarke, Linda Gail 85, 175 
Clawson, Ellen Loraine 161 Richmond, 
Va.; B.S. History; Y.W.C.A.; Inter- 
faith Council; B.S.U., Fr. Council, 
seminar chm., v. -pres. 
Claytor, Royce 96, 175 
Claytor, Mary 205 
Cleaton, Jacqueline A. 193 
Clements, Judy 72, 93, 175, 220 
Clements, Mary E. 175 
Clowdis, Peggy Ann 175,239 

Cochran, Cynthia E. 205 

Cogbill, Anna 205,235 

Cohen, Celia Ann 205 

Colbert, Jacqueline 205 

Cole, Cheryl A. 193,233 

Cole, Phyllis 73,74, 111 Petersburg, Va.; 
B.S. Mathematics; Alpha Lambda Delta 
treas; Kappa Delta Pi; S.E.A.; Lychonos. 

Cole, Rebecca Jane 175,227 

Coleburn, Pam 175,233 

Coleman, Ann Gail 175,233 

Coleman, Lynne 70,75, 101, 104, 175,219 

Coleman, Mary King 175, 231 

Colleagues 83 

Collie, Judith 175.220 

Collin, Andrea 205 

Colombaro, Phyllis 78, 83, 193, 235 

Combo, Bonnie Susan 193 

Combo, Margaret Ann 122 

Compher, Jan Marie 193 

Compton, Linda S. 79, 124,225 Scottsburg, 
Va.; B.S. History and Social Sci.; Al- 
pha Sigma Tau, culture prog, chm., 
corres. sec; Colleague; Miss Longwood 
Pageant Production; House Assoc; V.A. 
S.G. Convention; PoUtcal Sci. Club. 

Conner, Wanda 175 

Conners, Sheila Mary 84, 156 Roanoke, 
Va.; B.S. Elementary Ed.; S.E.A. 
Newman Club; Y.W.C.A. 

Conrad, Mary Curtis 87, 175 

Conway, Alice 83, 193 

Conway, Martha S. 163,219 

Coogan, Pat 83,97,98, 100, 102, 193 

Cook, Amy Doreen 80, 85, 205 

Cook, Beverley C. 69,119,238,239 

Cooksey, JoAnn 205 

Cooley, Gary Ellen 230 

Cooper, Barbara 72, 193, 223 

Corbett, Susan M. 193 

Cordell, Joanne 205 

Cordle, Sandra 193 

Corey, Michelle 84 

Cornwell, Glenda 205, 236 

Corona, Cheryl Lynn 205 

Corriher, Donna 175 

Costen, Debbie 205,235 

Costley, Toni Gayle 149,219 Petersburg, 
Va.; B.S. Elementary Ed.; Elections 
Comm. chm.; Dorm pres.; Orientation 
leader; Alpha Gamma Delta. 

Cothran, Lynne G. 70,113 

Counts, Susan E. 205 

Coursen, Barbara 226 

Coury, Catharine 175,229 

Cousin Cindy 193 

Couture, Richard T. 46 

Cover, Kathleen G., Asst. Prof.; Socio- 

Coverstone, Bettie Jo 83, 193,235 

Cox, Jeanne F. 103,205 

Cox, Kornelia 152 

Cox, Rita Gayle 175,225 

Cozzupoli, JoAnn 193 

Crabtree, JoAnn 110,222 Saltville, Va.; 

B.A. Spanish; Spanish Club; Hall pres.; 
Wesley Foundation; S.E.A. ; Jr. Asst.; 
Alpha Phi; Lambda Iota Tau; Orienta- 
tion leader; French Club. 

Craft, Carolyn M. 60 

Craig, Betsy Jo 193,230 

Crandall, Martha 30 

Crawford, Mary Jane 193,205 

Creedle, Sarah Jane 193 

Creekmore, Ann Grant 225 Portsmounth, 
Va.; B.S. Elementary Ed.; Alpha Sigma 
Tau, custodian, asst. chaplain; Collea- 
gue; Orientation leader; Canterbury 
Club; S.E.A.; Elections Comm. , v.- 

Cremins, Patricia 205 

Crews, Betsy 175 

Cridlin, Barbara Lee 101,205 

Cristo, Anthony 58 

Crocker, Doris 193 

Cross, Cherin 205 

Crow, Joy Renee 205 

Crowder, Pam 63, 170, 218 

Growl, James W., Asst. Prof. History 

Crtunley, Jane 141 

Cummins, Carolyn 69, 132 Virginia Beach, 
Va.; B.S. Social Sci.; Young Repub- 
licans, sec; Canterbury Club, pres.; 
Political Sci. Club; S.E.A.; House As- 
soc; Soph, asst.; Pi Gamma Mu, re- 

Crump, Terry 83, 193 

Grumpier, Ellen 193 

Culbertson, Linda 205 

Culler, Shirley 205 

Cunningham, Claudia West 63, 71, 85, 162, 
227 Waverly, Va.; Bachelor of Music 
Ed.; Who's Who; Sigma Alpha Iota, 
treas., pres.; Alpha Lambda Delta; S. 
E.A.; Concert Choir; Madrigals; M.E. 
N.C.; Organ Guild; Alpha Sigma Alpha; 
House Council. 

Curley, James W. 34 

Curry, Suzanne 81, 87, 193 

Curtis, Marion Kay 86, 125,221 Colonial 
Heights, Va.; B.S. Business Ed.; Alpha 
Delta Pi; Orientation leader; Soph, asst.; 
Phi Beta Lambda, V.-pres.; Athletic 
Assoc; GYRE; B.S.U.; ROTUNDA; 
Young Republicans; VIRGINL^N. 

Dabney, Ann S. 205 

Daffron, Margaret Ann 146,223 Stanford, 
Conn.; B.S. Elementary Ed. ; Alpha 
Phi; Canterbury Club. 

Dahmer, Nancy 175,238 

Dale, Elizabeth 193 

Dale, Karen Terese 205 

Daley, Ann Marie 83, 193,233 

Dalton, Patricia 205 

Dalton, Thomas Cullen 29, 75 

Dalton, Mrs. T.C. 238 

Daniel, Bess P. 31 

Daniel, Patricia 205 

Daniel, Sheila 164, 219 Victoria, Va. ; 
B.S. Business Ed.; Soph, asst.; Phi Beta 


Lambda; Election Coram.; sec; Alpha 
Gamma Delta 

Danieley, Karin Sue 205 

Darby, Joanne 193,233 

Daub, Barbara 228,229 

Daubner, Dr. Edith S. 50 

Daubner, Edward V., Dept. of Educ. 

Daugherty, Bruce 205,227 

Daughery, Louise 89, 94 

Daughtrey, Kathryn A. 193 

Daughtrey, Mary E. 205 

Davenport, Carol Ann 206 

Davenport, Carolyn 175, 218 

Davenport, Mary Susan 63, 64, 73, 74, 76, 
89,90, 107 Chesapeake, Va.; B.A. Art; 
Judicial Board, v.-chm.; Kappa Delta 
Pi; Pi Delta Epsilon; ROTUNDA, car- 
toonist; GYRE, art ed.; Philakalia; Stu- 
dent asst.; Orientation leader; May 
Court; Who's Who; Geist. 

Davis, Bonnie 175,239 

Davis, Carolyn Ann 122 

Davis, Janice C. 69,74,79, 142 

Davis, Jeanne B. 206,224 

Davis, Judy Lee 175 

Davis, Lynda 70,74,79,91, 176,233 

Davis, Nancy 176,227 

Davis, Nona 69,92, 176,233 

Davis, Rebecca Sue 82, 193 

Davis, Rosalie P. 206 

Dawson, Nancy Jean 206 

Dawson, Ginny 80, 85, 176 

Dearing, Mrs. Myrtle 193 

Deary, Susan Faye 193 

DeAtley, Elaine Joyce 153 Oak Grove, Va.; 
B.S. Business Ed.; Phi Beta Lambda, sec. 

DeBaun, Helen 193 

DeBord, Karen 193,233 

Decatur, Rose 206 

DeCourcey, Beth 194 

Delbridge, Deborah 206 

Dellinger, Judith 206 

Dellinger, Sandra G. 108 

Dellinger, Silvia D. 176 

Dellinger, Susan 176 

Delta Psi Kappa 70 

Delta Zeta 228,229 

Dent, Deborah 85, 176 

Denver, Deborah 125 Chattanooga, Tenn.: 
B.S. Elementary Ed . ; Sr. Banquet 
Co-chm.; Y.W.C.A.; Jr. class v.- 
pres.; Dorm pres.; Hovise Council; 
Election Comm. 

Derrick, Diane 98,206 

Dewey, Carolyn 206 

DeWitt, Charles J. 32 

DeWitt, Judy 206 

Dexter, Linda 86, 94, 176 

Dexter, Phyllis 85,206 

Dexter, Jana Sue 176 

Dickenman, Candace 63, 81, 120, 224 U 
Unionville, Conn.; B.A.English; Swim- 
ming; Corkettes; Freshman Comm.; 
Soph, asst.; HoO Club; Alpha Sigma 
Tau; Y.W.C.A., treas., pres.; S.E.A.; 

Who's Who. 

Dickert, Bettie 176 

Dietz, Sharon Elizabeth 74, 89, 165 Newport 
News, Va.; B.A. English; Newman 
Club, sec; GYRE, liter, board chm., 
asst. ed.; S.E.A.; Lambda Iota Tau; 
Pi Delta Epsilon; Exam Comm. 

Diggs, Betty Jane 78, 176,217, 233 

Dillard, Mary Lou 176 

Distel, Nedra Lee 98, 100, 103, 176, 225 

Divito, Denise 206 

Dixon, Cheryl L. 206 

Dixon, Cynthia L. 202,206 

Dixon, Linda Sue 151,238,239 

Dixon, MaryE. 82,206,238 

Dodson, Sue Ellen 176 

Dollins, Mary Jo 206 

Donald, Jane 73, 176 

Donato, Sarah 80, 87, 206, 222 

Donohoe, Judy 84, 101, 176, 221 

Dooley, Judith 206 

Dorland, Penelope 206 

Doss, Vicki A. 206 

Dossett, Sherry 104 

Doty, Judith 194 

Douglas, Patricia Gail 146,228 

Douglas, Toy L. 85, 148 

Douglass, Elinor M. 47 

Dow, Margaret 206 

Dowdy, Joyce 176 

Dowdy, Saibra Dianne 194 

Dowling, Donna 194,220,221 

Downey, Linda 176 

Doyle, Kathleen 228 

Doyle, Ruth M. 126,228 

Dozier, Ruth Lee 176 

Draper, Catherine 164,227 

Draper, Cheryl Lynn 83, 194,235 

Drewery, Bonnie 85,206 

Driver, Lynda 64, 70, 104, 150, 226, 227 
Harrisonburg, Va.; B.S. Health and 
Phys. Ed.; Alpha Sigma Alpha, mem- 
bership dir., pres,; Delta Psi Kappa; 
Who's Who; Athletic Assoc; Tennis; 
Orientation leader; Student-Faculty 
Advisory Board in Phys. Ed. 

Droste, Linda 83, 194, 232 

Drummond, Pam 109 

Drowota, Carol J. 48 

Drumwright, Patricia 194 

Dube, Janice 206 

Duck, Barbara 194 

Duckett, Frances Kay 85, 149 Catharpin, 
Va.; B.S. Home Ec; Home Ec Club; 
Kappa Omicron Phi; Weslty Foundation. 

Dudley, Brenda 162,234,235 

Dudley, Sandra 206 

Duell, Valerie 72, 148 

Duff, Deborah 86, 137,227 

Duke, Sherry 166,221 

Duke, William T. 

Duncan, Debra 176,227 

Duncan, Linda 207 

Dunn, Ellen 81,97,98, 194,221 

Dunn, Nancy 194, 239 

Dunnavant, Claudia 194 

DuPriest, Susan 69, 78, 176, 238 

Durham, Ruth Watson 70, 79, 140,221 Ash- 
land, Va.; B.S. Home Ec; Home Ec. 
Club; Orientation leader; Kappa Omi- 
cron Phi; Alpha Delta Pi. 

Dyer, Anne 77, 176, 217, 234 

Eades, Kathy 207 

Easley, Barbara 207 

Easter, Linda 176 

Eastes, Amy Gayle 207 

Eberly, Penny 89, 104, 177 

Ecker, Linda 207 

Eddleton, Joan 177 

Eddy, Jane 83,230 

Edwards, Donna 207 

Edwards, Jane 94, 167, 221 Richmond, Va.; 
B.S. Home Ec; Freshman Comm.; 
Longwood Players; Home Ec. Club; Hall 
pres.; Soph, asst.; Ring Dance comm. 
chm.; Orientation leader; Y.W.C.A.; 
Athletic Assoc; Alpha Delta Pi. 

Edwards, Kaydell 177, 226 

Edwards, Shirley 85, 177 

Elder, Mary Dee 207 

Elder, Theresa 85 

Eldridge, Randi 177,231 

Eley, Gay 207 

Ellenbrand, Deborah 98, 100, 104 

Ellerton, Carol 177 

Ellin, Barbara 207 

Ellin, Deborah E. 207 

Ellington, Anne 138 

Ellingwood, Linda 93, 194, 233 

Elliot, George P., Assoc. Prof., Educ. 

Elliott, Lydia S. 73,161 Waynesboro, Va.; 
B.S. Mathematics; French Club; New- 
man Club; Longwood Players; Alpha 
Lambda Delta, sec; Lychnos, v. -pres.; 
Summer School Student Gov., sec- 
treas.; Student asst. 

Elliott, Mary 194 

ElUs, Bonnie Elizabeth 94, 116,222,223 
Portsmouth, Va.; B.S. Biology; Long- 
wood Players; Alpha Psi Omega; Alpha 

Ellis, Katherine 207 

Ellis, Martha 177 

Ellis, Sandra 94, 190 

Elswick, Barbara 207 

Elwang, Mar>'- Alice 63, 65, 67, 73, 82, 142, 
225 Norfolk, Va.; B.S. Biology and 
Gen. Sci.; Alpha Sigma Tau; Lychnos; 
Honors Council; Canterbury Club; S.E. 
A.; Granddaughter's Club; Orientation 
leader; Who's Who. 

Ely, Thomas H. 43 

Engle, Barbara 207 

Ennis, Edith 31 

Ennis, Cindy 79, 177, 188 

Ergler, Mary C. Dept. of History' and So- 
cial Sci. 

Emouf, Anita B. 47 

Estes, Sarah 207 

Estes, Shirley 177 


Estis, Mary E. 79, 177 

Etheridge, Anna Ruth 226 

Etheridge. Dr. Elizabeth W. 58,88,234 

Eubank, Pam 177 

Eure, Lila 127 

Eure, Nancy 93,207 

Evans, Charla 177,237 

Evans, Martha Gayle 108 

Ewers, Sharon 207, 237 

Eyler, Vicki Ann 218, 219 

Eyster, Warren O. 52,90 

Faison, Sherry 207, 218 

Farrell, Jane A. 42,79 

Farrier, Frances F. 31 

Fath, Judith Ann 40, 100, 103 

Faxber, Childrey 207 

Fariss, Brenda 73 Phenix, Va.; B.S. Bio- 
logy; B.S.U.; S.E.A.; Hall pres.; Jr. 
asst. ; Lychnos . 

Farmer, Sharon, 78,104,177,231 

Famham, Marjorie 207 

Farrar, Sarah 85,207 

Farthing, Barbara 194 

Fauber, Susan 194,232 

Faulconer, Brenda 69, 74, 116 

Faulkner, Elizabeth 207 

Fawcett, Susan Jane 194 

Fay, Linda 166 

Feathers, Joan 207 

Feathers, Chris 207,236 

Federal, Mary 207 

Fedziuk, Julia Marshall 68, 94, 157 Hamp- 
ton, Va.; B.S. Elementary Ed.; Alpha 
Psi Omega; Longwood Players; Canter- 
bury Club. 

Ferguson, Bonnie Lavonne 71,159,233 

Richmond, Va.; Bachelor of Music. Ed.; 
Phi Mu, corres. sec; Sigma Alpha Iota; 
Concert Choir. 

Ferguson, Diane 177 

Ferguson, Phyllis 177 

Fielder, Kay Ellen 79, 177 

Figg, Betty 194 

Finkle, Linda Lee 207 

Fisher, Patricia 120 

Flanagan, Kay Evans 207 

Fleshman, Kay 194 

Fletcher^, Richard K, Jr. 62 

Floyd, Linda 91, 177,221 

Foglesong, Sherry 67, 71, 85, 86, 177 

Foley, Angela 207, 220 

Forbes, Nancy 178, 228, 229 

Ford, Betty 118 

Ford, Janet Lee 101,194 

Ford, Linda 139 

Ford, Winifred 207 

Foreman, Louise H. 31 

Forrest, Wanda 194 

Fortune, Helen 71, 85, 143,233 Lynchburg, 
Va.; Bachelor of Music Ed.; Sigma 
Alpha Iota; Concert Choir; Madrigals- 
M.E.N.C; Phi Mu; Student asst. 

Foster, Lang 93, 178, 182 

Foster, Esther 178 

Foster, Joyce 94, 178 

Foster, Sally 81, 85, 194, 221 
Foster, Sandra 85, 194 
FouLk, Pallie B. 31 

Fox, Mariorie 143,222 Goshen, Va.; B.S. 
English; Alpha Phi; Young Republicans; 
B.S.U.; ROTUNDA; GYRE; Fencing. 

Fox, Patricia 207,235 

Frame, Sue 85,207 

Franchi, Paulette 194 

Frank, Dr. William L. 55,93 

Franke, Mary W. 31 

Franklin, Marcia 126, 235 

Frazier, Rebecca Yancey 74 Clarksville, 
Va.; B.S. Elementary Ed.; Kappa Delta 

Free land. Donna 178 

Freeman, Georgia 104, 194 

French Club 78 

Freshman Commission 82 

Frost, Nancy 100,207, 239 

Fuda, Mary Bowen 136,222,223 Richmond, 
Va.; B.A. Spanish; Alpha Phi, house 
chm.; Spanish Club. 

Fulwiler, Ginger 93, 178, 220 

Fuqua, Brenda 73 

Fyock, Cathy 194 

Gadsby, Teresa 207 

Galdun, Patricia 207 

Galloway, Easter 194 

Gardner, Anne 194 

Garland, Betty 207, 219 

Garland, Frances 31 

Garland, Patsy 207, 219 

Garner, Brenda 194 

Garnett, Pamela 178,218,219 

Garrard, Suzanne 194 

Garrett, Alice 85,90,207 

Garrison, Nina 85, 86, 207 

Gee, Frances W. 38 


German Club 78 

German, Isabel 207 

Getchell, Alesia 207 

Giannini, Brenda 207 

Gibb, Ketsy 194,238 

Gibbons, Barbara 207 

Gibbons, Dr. Robert D. Dept. ofEduc. 

Gibbs, Margaret Ann 207, 239 

Gibbs, Sallie Eldred 145,218 Norfolk, Va.; 
B.S. Elementary Ed. ; Alpha Gamma 
Delta; Orientation leader. 

Gibbs, Susan Watson 194 

Gibson, Carole Justice 123,233 Richmond. 
Va.; B.S. Elementary Ed. ; Longwood 
Players; Alpha Psi Omega; Orchesis; Phi 
Mu; Young Republicans; Elections 
Comm.; Student asst. 

Gibson, Donna 67, 194, 220 

Gibson, Marsha 178, 236, 237 

Gilbert, Deborah Gay 207 

Gilbert, Lucy Ellen 77, 97, 160, 221 Dan- 
ville, Va.; B.S. Health andPhys. Ed.; 
Alpha Delta Pi, v. -pres.; Athletic 
Assoc; Basketball; Dorm pres.; Soph, 
asst.; Orientation leader. 

Gilchrist, Janet 194 

Giles, Elizabeth Haile 148, 237 Danville, 

Va.; B.S. Home Ec 
Giles, Lynn 69,78,85, 178 
Gill, Sally 172,234 
Gilliam, Janet 207 
Gilliam, Susan 73, 169 
Gills, Marsha 207 
Givens, Maria 207 
Glascock, Dr. Janice D., Dept. of Foreign 

Glascock, Jayce 207 
Glascock, Dr. M. Bruce 59 
Glasheen, Elizabeth 83, 194 
Glasheen, Mary Lou 202, 208 
Glass, Evelyn June 52 
Gleason, Donna 83, 231 
Cleaves, Dorothy 208 
Glenn, Courtney 208 
Glober, Mary 208 
Godsey, Linda L. 153,235 
Goffigon, Mary Elizabeth 134 Parksley, Va.; 

B.S. Biology; Y.W.C.A. 
Going, Deborah 116,233 
Gooderum, Barbara 125,237 
Goodman, Antoinette 30 
Goodman, Nancy Lee 208,239 
Goodman, Sandra 194 
Goodman, Toni A. 219 
Goodrich, Janice 208 
Goodson, Sue Frances 218 
Goodwyn, Katherine 68, 94, 129 
Gordon, Ruby 31 
Gossage, Gail Ann 101, 208 
Gourley, Karen 195 
Gower, Bobbi 85,87,93, 178 
Grabowsky, Devra Mary 208 
Graham, Barbara 208 
Graham, Edward E. 37 
Graham, Sharon L. 208 
Graham, Sue Ellen 178,238 
Graham, Theresa Kay 154 Orange, Va.; 

B.S. Elementary Ed.; Young Democrats. 
Granddaughter's Club 82 
Grant, Elizabeth Ann 208 
Gratchen, Joyce 78,208 
Graves, Brenda Lee 208 
Graves, Brenda J. 195 
Graves, Mary T. 77,208,239 
Graves, Randy 87, 92, 93, 178, 189, 22Q 
Gray, Kathryn Ann 208 
Gray, Sharon L. 227 
Greeley, Ann Preston 178 
Green, Judith 178, 179 
Greenwood, Colleen 98, 208 
Gregory, Judith 195 
Gresham, Foster B. 60 
Griffin, Brenda L. 208 

Griffin, NellH., Chm. Dept. of Home Ec. 
Griffin, Sharon 195 
Grizzard, Sandra Elizabeth 69, 152 
Amelia Court House, Va.; B.A. English 
Grogan, Sandra 83, 195, 219 
Grubbs, Vickie Jean 178,225 
Guidice, Judy 70, 104, 178 

Guild, Susan 86, 163,231 

Guinn, Linda 195 

Gunter, Nancy 195,239 

Gussett, James C. 40,85 

Gustafson, Dudley Faye 73, 74, 124, 235 
Richmond, Va.; B.S. Biology; Sigma 
Kappa; Lychnos, treas.; Alpha Lambda 
Delta; Kappa Delta Pi. 

Gwaltney, Linda Marie 169 Portsmouth, Va.; 
B.A. English; Concert Choir. 

GYRE 88, 89 

Habel, Cassie 83, 195, 225 

Hackett, Frances 195 

Halbleib, Martha 178, 227 

Haldeman, Karen 195 

Hale, Donna 72, 178,220 

Haley, Diane Rucker 79, 126,233 Ashland, 
Va.; B.S. Social Sci.;Phi Mu; Student 
asst. ; Young Republicans. 

Haley, Eva F. 31 

Hall, Connie 179,228 

Hall, Beth 195,224 

Hall, L. Marshall 54 

Hall, Maxine 75,208,239 

Hall Presidents 77 

Hall, Rebecca Ann 179 

Halladay, Jennifer 208 

Hamilton, Donna 85, 208 

Hamilton, Ellen 94, 171 

Hamlett, Frances N. 48 

Hamm, Beverly 71 

Hammann, Elizabeth 85 

Hammit, Sally Ann 195 

Hammond, Delma Rosalind 69, 143, 221 
Mathews, Va.; B.S. Sociology; Can- 
terbury Club, sec; Granddaughter's 
Club, v.-pres. ; Yotmg Democrats, pres.; 
Political Sci. Club; Hall pres.; Soph, 
asst.; Athletic Assoc; Jr. class hist.; 
Alpha Delta Pi; Pi Gamma Mu. 

Hamner, Betty Jo 30 

Hamner, Brenda Kaye 73, 74, 179 

Hampshire, Beverly Lynn 67, 68, 94, 134 
Norfolk, Va.; B.S. Biology; Longwood 
Players; sec; Young Republicans; VIR- 
GINIAN; Alpha Psi Omega, rec. sec, 
pres.; Honors Council, corres. sec. 

Hanbury, Louise 70, 79, 195,226 

Hance, Helen 83, 195, 220, 221 

Hancock, Linda 208 

Hand, Nancy Jo 146 Norfolk, Va.; B.S. 
Psychology; Psychology Club, corres. 

Hanes, Bonnie 208 

Hannabass, Natalie 179,236,237 

Harbaum, Darrell G. 52 

Hardbower, Phyllis 208 

Haidie, Glenda 195 

Haxdman, Nancy 85,208 

Hardy, Cheryl 179 

Hardy, John A. 39 

Hardy, Nancy 179,235 

Harman, Jo 208,233 

Harper, Linda 79, 171 

Harpold, Janet 73, 93, 97, 98, 225 

Harrell, Wanda Joyce 208 

Harris, Bonnie 208 

Harris, Elton Kay 208 

Harris, Marcia 79, 89, 168 Roanoke, Va.; 
B.A. Social Sci.; Fr. Choir; Political 
Sci. Club; Young Republicans; GYRE. 

Harris, Mary 195 

Harris, Nancy Lee 89, 149 Richmond, Va.; 
B.S. Business Ed.; Phi Beta Lambda, 
treas.; S.E.A.; GYRE, bus. manager; 
May Day, Bus. manager;. Publications 
Board; Fencing; Orientation leader. 

Harris, Sandra 195 

Harris, Vickie Ann 208 

Harrison, Ginger 133, 237 

Harrison, Glenda R. 83,195 

Harrison, Mary P. 83,195,230 

Harrison, Pam 195 

Harriss, Phyllis W. 34,104,234 

Harrup, Joan Carol 63,64,74,78,88, 110 
Waver ly, Va.; B.S. Psychology, VIR- 
GINL^N; Young Republicans; S.E.A.; 
German Club, treas.; Pi Delta Epsilon; 
Kappa Delta Pi; Honors Council; Psycho- 
logy Club; GRYE, asst. ed., editor; Or- 
ientation leader; Who's Who; Publications 
Board; Associated Collegiate Press Con- 
ference . 

Hart, Jackie 208,223 

Hart, Noralee 208 

Hartless, Eleanor Marie ISO 

Hartman, Carol 79, 83, 195 

Hartz, Linda 208 

Harvey, Carolyn R. 195 

Hatch, Carolyn Kay 132 San Mateo, Cal.; 
B.S. Elementary Ed.; Y.W.C.A.; 

Hatcher, Nancy 195 

Hathaway, Walter, M. 49 

Hathaway, Mrs. Walter 234 

Hawk, Nancy 208 

Haynes, Judith 69, 179, 220 

Haynes, Morjorie Leay 147 Hampton, Va.; 
B.S. Elementary Ed.; Granddaughter's 
Club; Soph asst. 

Hazlegrove, Nancy 208 

Headley, Sonja Sue 208 

Heavilin, Barbara 48 

Hedge, Teresa Sue 208 

Hedgepeth, Angela 208 

Hedrick, Judith 30 

Heely, Ann Kent 172, 234 

Heinemann, Dr. Richard L. Assoc. Prof., 

Heflin, Sharon Lee 89, 90, 92, 130, 221 
Winchester, Va.; B.S. Business Ed.; 
S.E.A.; GYRE; VIRGINL^N, sorority 
ed.; ROTUNDA, asst. adver. ed.; Phi 
Beta Lambda, sec; Alpha Delta Pi. 

Heilman, Mary Jane 83, 195, 234 

Heintz, Dr. Mary A. 52 

Helms, Dr. James M. 

Helms, Nancy Jo 196 

Helms, Paula 112 

Henderson, Carolyn 196 

Henderson, Leon 30 

Henderson, Linda Lee 208, 225 

Hendricks, Jean 91 

Henley, Faye 179 

Henshaw, Mary 196 

Hensley, Karen 131 

Hensley, Sandra Kay 136,208 Elkton, Va.; 
B.S. Health and Phys. Ed.; Young Re- 

Herion, Bonnie 144 

Herndon, Fred P. 57 

Herring, Patricia 179 

Hesselink, Paul S. 48 

Hester, Nadia S. 208 

Hevener, Fellmer, Jr. 35 

Hicks, Betty Jo 208 

Hicks, Martha 100, 196 

Hile, Linda Gail 208 

Hill, Jean 85, 179 

Hill, Susan 208,219 

Hillard, Anna Marie 125, 232 Portsmouth, 
Va.; B.S. Elementary Ed.; Phi Mu. 

Hills, Deborah 208 

Hines, Viola 208 

Hinshaw, Deborah J. 179 

Hipskind, Katherine, 78,101,102,196,218 

Hirshman, Janet 224 

Hite, Bobbi 86,228,229 

Hitt, Sandra 233 

Hodnett, Ellen 151, 236, 237 

Hoffman, Linda 208, 225 

Hogan, VickiJ. 179 

Hogshead, Sue 209 

Holbrook, Bena 196 

Holdren, Ruth 101, 180 

Holdsworth, Mary 209 

Holladay, Emilie C . 32,231 

Hollins, Brenda 209 

HolUns, Kathryn 209,233 

Hollyfield, Cadell 143 

Holm, Mary Margaret 63, 65, 69, 158, 234 
Richmond, Va.; B.A. English; Orienta- 
tion leader; Lambda Iota Tau, hist.; 
Sigma Kappa; Ring Dance co-chm.; 
Summer School Handbook, ed.; WIio's 
Who; Geist, Oktoberfest chm. 

Holman, Dr. Leta J. 34 

Holt, Ann Brook 79, 196,233 

Holt, Jo 28 

Holt, Linda 69, 79 

Holton, Honore Grace 68,94, 167 Pearisburg, 
Va.; B.S. Elmentary Ed. ; Longwood 
Players; Alpha Psi Omega, treas.; Young 
Republicans; Canterbury Club, sec. -treas. 
Orientation leader. 

Holton, L'^Tiwood 180 

Home Economics Club 79 

Horors Coimcil 67 

Hood, Ellen Lynn Richmond, Va.; B.S. 

Hooker, Dr. Charlotte S. 42 

Hopkins, C-ynthia 209 

Horner, Vicki 196,226 

Hostler, Beverly 209 

House Association 77 

Howe, Barbara 165 
Howe, Melissa]. 180,236,237 
Howell, Carla G. 209 
Howell, Cookie 94, 196 

Howell, Delores A. 94,196 Sandston, Va.; 
B.S. Geography; Hovise coiincil; Long- 
wood Players; Orchesis. 
Hrubik, Lois Jean 78, 101, 102, 196 
Hubbard, Mrs. R. Kirkland 227 
Hudgins, Cynthia 209 
Hudgias, Janice Ray 63,65, 86, 142 New 
Point, Va.; B.S. Business Ed.; Who's 
Who; Phi Beta Lambda; S.E.A.; Jr. class 
treas.; Miss Longwood Pageant Produc- 
tion, bus. manager; Basketball; Hovise 
Assoc . ; Student Appropriation Comm. ; 
May Day; Geist. 
Hudgins, Susan C. 209,237 
Hudson, Jeffree 209 
Hudson, Joan Bonita 153 South Boston, Va.; 

B.S. Elementary Ed.; B.S.U.; S.E.A. 
Hudson, Linda 130 
Hughes, Gayle 196,236 
Huling, Dianne 225 
Hummer, Robin Dale 180 
Hundley, Bonnie 180 
Hunt, Montanna J . 209 
Hunter, Pern 209 
Huntley, Linda G. 209 
Hurley, Carolyn 94, 180, 222 
Hutcherson, Peggy 180 
Hutchinson, Michaelee 209 
Hyatt, Deborah 209, 239 
Hyde, Karen 209 
Hynes, Alison 196 
Inge, Ann 209 
Ingle, Peggy Ann 209 
Ingram, Ann 82,209 
Ingram, Mary F. 104,172,227 
Ingram, Virginia F. 209 
Inscoe, Emily 81,82,209 
Insley, Patricia 209 
Irby, Bonnie 180 
Irvin, Cynthia L. 180 
Irvine, Janet L. 209 
Jackson, Dr. Elizabeth B. 33 
Jackson, Janet 180 
Jackson, Nancy E. 93,196,236 
Jackson, Rod 229 
Jacobson, Sandra 180,228 
Jamerson, Debra 196,228 
James, Cynthia 209 
James, Martha 209, 224 
Jamison, Cindy 72, 180, 227 
Janss, Mary 79, 170,219 
Jared, RosaUe 209 
Jefferson, Sharon 83, 231 
Jenkins, Barbara 103, 180, 217, 219 
Jenkins, Mary B. 180 
Jennings, Mary 209 
Jennings, Rebecca 209, 223 
Jernigan, Myra Jane 81, 82, 209 
Jessee, Sandra Kay 93, 209, 223 
Jessee, Suzanne 209 
Jeter, Stizanne 228 

Jewell, Bonnie 102, 196 
Johnson, Betty Lou 69, 80, 180 
Johnson, Beverly Dianne 63,65,67, 74, 169 
Burke, Va.; B.S. Elementary Ed.; Alpha 
Lambda Delta, pres.; S.E.A. ; Honors Co 
Council, treas.; Academic Affairs Comm; 
Student asst. ; Orientation leader; Kappa 
Delta Pi, pres.; Who's Who. 
Johnson, Carol 116 
Johnson, Cheryl 209 
Johnson, Diane 73, 78, 94, 122 
Johnson, Elizabeth 209 
Johnson, Jean Kay 71, 85, 196 
Johnson, Paula 180 
Johnson, Roberta 196,233 
Johnson, Suzanne 180 
Johnson, Suzanne L. 86,161,225 
Johnston, Brenda 73, 181 
Johnston, Mary T. 83,104,196,220,221 
JolUffe, Sandra 74, 146 
Jones, Candace 181 
Jones, Darlene 209 
Jones, Elizabeth 151 Lynchburg, Va.; B.A. 

Mathematics; S.E.A. 
Jones, Elizabeth S. Dept of English 
Jones, Rev. George Wesley 85 
Jones, Janie H. 31 
Jones, Jenny Sue 196 
Jones, JudyC. 196,220 
Jones, Julia 157 

Jones, Linda Kay 83,85, 196,218 
Jones, Linda Lee 181 
Jones, Martha Jane 124 Edgewater Park, 
New Jersey; B.S. Elementary Ed.; Leg- 
islative Board; Student Gov . Assoc . , 
repres. for day students; Orientation 
leader; S.E.A. 
Jones, Penny 76,83, 196,218 
Jones, Nancy A. 196 
Jones, Patricia 159,237 
Jones, Sandra 136,237 
Jones, Ellen 146 
Jones, Terry 209 
Jones, Valerie L. 167 
Jordan, Susan 68, 94, 181 
Joyner, Stephanie 181 
Judicial Board 76 
Kanode, Nancy 196 
Kappa Delta 230,231 
Kappa Delta Pi 74 
Kappa Omicron Phi 70 
Kardian, Patricia 209 
Karides, Paula 209 
Karnes, Gloria E. 209 
Kay, Jean Franklin 64, 89, 155 Colonial 
Heights, Va.; B.A. Sociology; Legisla- 
tive Board, Colleague; Soph, class 
treas.; Spanish Club; GYRE; Student 
Aid Program chm.; Westminster Fellow- 
Kearney, Cynthia 101, 209 
Keene, Kitty 83,239 
Keene, Mary C. 104,196,236 
Keesee, Patricia 209 
Kelly, Mary 196 

Kelso, Becky 181,231 

Kennedy, Claudia 209 

Kennedy, Mary E. 209 

Kenny, Debbie 83 

Kent, Dr. LinwoodB., Assoc. Prof.; Educ. 

Kent, Margaret 209 

Keyser, Judy 181 

Keyton, IVlrs. H. C. 31 

Kidd, Jill Anne 71, 85, 181 

Kilmartin, Maria 138,226 

Kilvington, Stisan 116, 231 

Kimball, Janet 196,222 

Kimble, Fran 181,233 

King, Joy 101,209 

King, Carolyn 196 

King, Elizabeth A. 70, 98, 166, 225 Clifton 

Forge, Va.; B.S. Health and Phys. Ed.; 

Orientation leader; Athletic Assoc, v.- 

pres.; Alpha Sigma Tau, alumnae sec, 

hist.; VIRGINIAN; Basketball, co-capt.; 

Hockey, co-capt. 
King, Mary Sandra 209 
King, Virginia L. 86,127,238,239 
King, Ginger 209,232 
Kinney, Deborah G. 67,218 
Kinsey, Kitty 228 
Kirtland, Sallie 209 
Kite, Patricia Ann 78, 167 Shenandoah, Va.; 

B.S. Psychology; Spanish Club, reporter; 

Concert Choir; S.E.A.; Psychology Club. 
Klafehn, Linda 171 
Knight, Nancy C . 209 
Knopp, Brenda 116 
Kolcum, Bic 181,220 
Kovacs, Dr. Louis, Dept. of Educ. 
Kragl, Susan Jane 127 Churchville, Md.; 

B.S. Home Ec; Home Ec. Club; Y.W.C.A. 
Krebs, Eva 181 
Kube, Lynette 181,233 
Kwiatkowski, Lynn 87, 104, 222, 223 
Lacy, Janet Clarke 181,221 
Lada, Marsha 210 
Laine, Vicky 196 
Lamb, Debbie 235 
Lambda Iota Tau 69 
Lamberth, Judith 210 
Land, Dr. E. Lee 27,29 
Landrum, Emily K. , Assoc. Prof. Health 

and Phys. Ed. 
Landrum, Dr. Merle L. 61 
Lane, Dr. Charles F. 36 
Lane, Tracy 196,237 
Langston, June 70,71,86,239 ■' 

Lankford, Robert, Asst. Dir. of dining ser- 

Larrick, Susan Lynn 210 

Lassahn, Nancy 181 

Lassiter, Josie Kay 112 Chesapeake, Va.; 

B.S. History; B.S.U.; VIRGINL^N; S.E. 

A.; Pi Gamma Mu; Pi Delta Epsilon; 

Longwood Players. 
Latham, Carolyn 103, 196,235 
Latham, Linda 210 
Laundon, Nancy 181 


Law, Joseph]., Asst. Prof.; Chemistry 

Lawhorn, Diane 181,221 

Lawler, Aime 101,210 

Law lor, Sylvie 210 

Lawman, Alene Dawn 210,239 

Lawson, Barbara Sue 210 

Lawter, Janet H. 210 

Lawter, Joan Gayle 196 

Layne, Betty 70 

Layne, Linda Gail 210 

Layne, Reva 210 

Leacock, Carol 87, 181 

Leahey, Barbara 83, 196,238 

Leake, Verona 83, 196, 238 

Leath, Madelene 210 

Leary, Catherine 89, 181, 123,235 

Lee, Bonnie 196 

Lee, Gwendolyn 197 

Lee, Selena 197,220 

Lee, Sharon 86,210 

Leeper, Willaid G. 61 

Legislative Board 75 

Leitch, Nancy v., Assoc. Prof., Art. 

Lemen, Janice S. 41 

Lemmon, Sarah Ann 197 

Lenhart, Kathryn 210 

Lenhart, Patricia Carol 71 Chase City, Va.; 
B.S. Elementary Ed.; Kappa Delta Pi. 

Lenhart, Sandra E. 210 

Lequetoc, Jamie 210 

Lescure, Elizabeth 210 

Lester, Rebecca Lois 210 

Lett, Patricia 210 

Lew, Linda Fay 73, 159,221 Richmond, 
Va.; B.S. Mathematics; Alpha Delta 
Pi, scholarship chm, ; GYRE; Hovise 
Assoc; House Council; Dorm pres.; 
Lychnos, hist.; Orientation leader; Stu- 
dent asst.; S.E. A. 

Lewis, Barbara 79, 164 

Lewis, Deborah 85, 197 

Lewis, Glenna B. 71,80,96,181 

Lewis, Karen 100,197,219 

Lewis, Lindsay 197,234 

Lewis, Mary Anne 86, 210 

Lewis, Melinda Ann 83, 85, 197 

Lewis, Patricia 197 

Lilliston, Linda Jean 112 Onancock, Va.; 
B.S. Mathematics; Y.W.C.A.; Worship 
Comm. chm. 

Lineweaver, Anna 181,230 

Linhart, Joyce 210 

Liskey, Betty 93,210 

Little, Barbara Sue 197 

Little, Paula Sue 93 

Lively, Nancy 108 

Liverman, Patricia 210 

Livick, Diane Turner 135,237 Richmond, 
Va.; B.S. Elementary Ed.; Sigma Sigma 
Sigma, corres. sec; Jr. Panhellenic; 
Yotmg Democrats. 

Llewellyn, Margaret 181 

Lockwood, Dr. Patton, Chm. Dept. of 
Speech and Drama 

Loftis, Zelda Ruth 71, 170 South Boston, 

Va. ; B.S. Elementary Ed.; Kappa Delta 

Pi; ROTUNDA, reporter. 
Lohman, Rosemary 71 , 73, 79, 181 
Londeree, Trudy 210 
Long, Cynthia Gayle 210 
Long, Deborah 210 
Long, Dottie 164,228,229 
Long, Kathy 98, 103 
Long, Peggy Ann 210 
Longley, Bonnie 210 
Longwood Choir 84 
Longwood Players 94, 95 
Loper, Cathi 82,97,210 
Loughran, Patricia 197,234 
Loving, Cathy 197 
Lowe, Ann Marie 181 
Lowe, Elaine Marie 210 
Lowry, Ann 181 
Lowry, Margaret 101, 197 
Luc ado, Cheryl 210 
Lucas, Pat 68,94, 182 
Lucian, Janice 197 
Luffsey, Judith 147 
Lunceford, Pat 85, 182, 219 
Lunsford, Freda 99, 101, 104, 182, 219 
Lunsford, Katherine 93, 210 
Lusse, Lynn 133 
Luttrell, Sarah 197 
Lychnos 73 

Lynch, Susie 83, 197, 227 
Lynn, Pam 94, 182 
Lyon, Margaret Ellen 77, 182 
McAnally, Betty 210 
McCaffrey, Jane 99, 103, 182,224 
McCall, Vivian 210 
McCann, Boolie 228 
McCarthy, Lydia W. 182 
McClain, Jackie 79, 197 
McClanahan, Heather 85, 210 
McClure, Angela Sue 71, 182,228 
McCombs, James K. 34 
McConnell, Margaret Ann 71, 133 Abington, 

Va.; B.S. Elementary Ed.; Y.W.C.A.; 

Inter- Religious Council; Westminister 

Fellowship, sec, pres.; S.E. A; Pi Delta 

Epsilon; Concert Choir; VIRGINIAN. 
McCord, Barbara 70, 182 
McCormick, Margaret 210 
McCormick, Betty 210 
McCoy, Ann 197 
McCurdy, Mary Lynn 210 
McDaniel, Marlene 210 
McDonnell, Chris 63, 64, 67, 69, 73, 76, 78, 

103, 158,219 
McDonnell, Jeanne 210 
McEboy, Beverly Ann 165 Lawrenceville, 

Va.; B.S. Health and Phys. Ed. 
McGee, Martha 154 
McGee, Myrtle 78, 197 
McGraw, Sally 228 
McGuire, Kathleen 80, 182, 230. 231 
McKelvey, Linda 115 
McKinney, Judy 182 
McMullen, Carol Jean 182 
McMullen, Elizabeth 94, 197 

McMurtrey, Sandra 83, 197 

McNamara, Kathleen 210 

McWhite, Mary Carla 197, 227 

McWhirt, Barbara 210 

Mace, Jody 83, 90, 197, 234 

Maddox, Andee 182, 218 

Madrigals 86 

Magee, Patricia Ann 210 

Magnifico, Josephine H., 51,233 

Magnusson, Harold K., 29 

Main, Jan Douglas 93, 210 

Malcomb, Paula 163,238 

Maloney, Nancy C . , 197 

Manahan, Sue 101,210 

Manchey, Carole Ann 93, 210 

Mani, Brenda Josephine 73, 158 

Norfolk, Va. ; B.S. Mathematics; 
S.E.A. ; Lychnos; Newman Club. 

Mann, Jackie L. 182 

Mantiply, Marian 197 

Marchese, Martha 83, 190, 197, 238 

Markham, Sally 210 

Marnix, Mary Jo 112 

Newport News, Va.;B.S. Elementary 
Ed. ; S.E.A. 

Marsh, Susie 90, 97, 182, 218 

Marteski, Francine J. 210 

Martin, Judith 182, 235 

Martin, Mary E. 211 

Martin, Mary Leona 84, 211 

Martin, Nancy 21 

Martin, Sheilah Ann 93, 197 

Martin, Virginia Sue 211,230 

Richmond, Va. ; B. S. Home Econom- 
ics; Home Ec. Club, v. -pres. 

Massey, Virginia 211 

Massie, Betty Lu 211 

Mathews, Nancy Anne 197 

Matthews, Dorothy 211 

Matthews, Linda F. 182 

Mattox, Deborah 211 

Maxey, Deborah 210 

May, Brenda 182 

May, Joanna 74,87, 183 

May, Judith 228 

May, Susan H. 57 

Mayberry, Nancy 197 

Mayton, Donna 74, 183, 222 

Meador, Carolyn Sue 100, 197 

Meador, Margaret 73,87, 183 

Medlin, Karen 228 

Meek, Loretta 211 

Mehlhaff, Janice 211 

Melchor, Jo Ann 64, 67, 71, 86, 157, 235 
Norfolk, Va. ; Bachelor of Music Ed. ; 
Jr. class pres. ; Sr. class pres. ; Col- 
league; Orientation leader; Concert 
Choir; M.E.N.C. ; Sigma Alpha Iota, 
sec. ; Miss Longwood Pageant, dir. ; 
Honors Council, sec. ; May Day Court; 
Who's Who. 

Melton, Judy 128 

Meredith, Mary L. 211 

Meshejian, Wayne H. 46 

Metcalf, Constance 102,183,217,237 


Metcalfe, Rebecca 211 
Meyer, Kim 183 
Meyers, Janice 211 
Michael, Sallie Dale 197 
Michalek, Susan 197 
Midgette, Sandra 229 
Miller, Diane C. 197 
Miller, Elizabeth 73,211 
Miller, Jean Harriett 140, 235 

Portsmouth, Va. ; B. S. Mathematics; 

Sigma Kappa, treas. , asst. treas. ; 

Jr. Panhellenic Council; Colleague; 

S. E. A . ; Yoimg Democrats. 
Miller, Joyce 211,237 
Miller, Miriam 211, 221 
Miller, Rhoda 197 
Miller, Sharon 183 
Miller, Stuart 120, 227 
Minor, Faith 211 
Mitchell, Patricia Carol 73, 155, 224 

Amelia, Va. ; B. S. Mathematics; 

Alpha Sigma Tau, pres. ; S. E.A. ; 

Student asst. 
Molnar, Dr. John W. 57 
Mortimer, Frederick, C . 49 
Moffitt, Kathryn 211,219 
Moneta, Cynthia 225 
Moody, Bettina 239 
Moody, Linda 101,211 
Moody, Nancy L. 211 
Moody, Susan 211 
Moore, Alice 85,211 
Moore, Barbara 197, 234 
Moore, Dale 227 
Moore, Deborah 197 
Moore, Eileen 197 
Moore, Jean K. 183 
Moore, Mary Lee 211 
Moore, Patricia Golden 73, 135 

Glen Allen, Va. ; B. S. Biology; Long- 
wood Players; Lychnos. 
Moore, Sharon 73, 81, 183 
Moorer, Shelley 231 
Moose, Jeanne 210,223 
Moran, Frances M. 100,211,220 
Morene, Brenda 81, 183, 230 
Morgan, Monica 211,227 
Morgan, Suzanne 98, 100, 198, 227 
Morgan, Sylvia Anne 211 
Moriconi, Lorraine 218, 219 

McLean, Va. ; B. S. English; Alpha 
Gamma Delta, pres. ; May Day; 

Colleague; Hockey. 
Morris, Carolyn 198, 228 
Morris, Deborah 100, 198 
Morris, Denise L. 211 
Morris, Judy Love 160 

Elkton, Va. ; B. S. Mathematics; 
Morris, Valerie Jo 211 
Morrison, Donna 211 
Morrison, Ginger 211 
Morrissett, Martha 211, 225 
Morrissette, Cynthia 211 
Morton, Deborah 83, 198, 225 

Mosby, Janice S. 211 

Moseley, Bonnie 198 

Moseley, Margaret 85, 183 

Moss, Louise 103,211 

Mottley, Jo Ann 238 

Mottley, Melinda 94, 239 

Mountcastle, Barbara 211 

Moxley, Barbara 93 

Muntj Eleanor 77, 211 

Murad, Linda M. 73, 198 

Murphy, Betty P. 211 

Murphy, Gail Ann 183 

Murphy, Kathleen 81,87, 198 

Murphy, Margaret 100,211 

Murphy, Mickey 211 

Music Educators National Conference 
(M.E.N.C. ) 85 

Mustoe, Lillian 73, 74, 183 

Myers, Andrea Lynn 63, 65, 67, 69, 74, 75, 

Pennington Gap, Va. ; B. S. Elementary 
Ed. ; Zeta Tau Alpha; Alpha Lambda 
Delta; Kappa Delta Pi; Colleague; Honors 
Council; Fr. class pres. ; Soph, class 
pres. ; Jr. Ring Dance, co-chm.; Legis- 
lative Board, v.-chm.; S. E.A.; Who's 
Who; Fr. Comm. 

Myers, Frieda E. , Asst. Prof. 

Myers, Josephine S. 211,236 

Myers, Mary L. 98 

Myers, Norman O. 45 

Nails, Edna M. 211 

Nance, Linda 184 

Narkinsky, Johnny M. 36 

Narkinsky, Sam S. , Dept of Mathematics 

Naylor, Kristen Ann 135, 220 

Alexandria, Va. ; B. S. Home Ec. ; House 
Assoc. ; Hall pres. ; Y.W.C.A. ; 
Athletic Assoc. ; Swimming; Wesley 
Foundation; Home Ec. Club; Alpha 
Delta Pi; Orientation leader. 

Necessary, Pat 83, 198, 218 

Nelson, Carol 211 

Nelson, Catherine 211, 225 

Nelson, Valerie 211 

Nespoli, Amelia Mary 67, 78, 84, 198 

Neubeuer, Jane 115,222 

New, Norma Dale 212 

Newby, Joanna Maria 109, 231 

Richmond, Va. ; B. S. Elementary Ed. ; 
Newman Club; Colleague; Kappa Delta 

Newcomb, Susan 198 

Newhard, Nancy 165 

Newick, Jo 30 

Newman Club 84 

Newman, Nadina 212 

Newman, Naonal Billie 68, 69, 89, 94, 131 
Alexandria, Va. ; B.A. English; German 
Club; Longwood Players; Lambda lota 
Tau; Alpha Psi Omega; S.E.A. 

Nicar, Elizabeth 121,238 
Nicholas, Gayle 93,212 
Nichols, Penny 237 

Niedermayer, Larri 212 

Niess, Linda Ann 212, 230 

Noonan, Katherine 225 

Noone, Em eric T. 41 

Norfleet, Barbara 198, 230 

Nuckols, Margaret Lynn 63, 65, 93, 155, 232, 

Portsmouth, Va. ; B. S. Psychology; 
German Club; Pi Delta Epsilon, pres. ; 
Honors Council; VIRGINIAN, photog- 
raphy, asst. ed. ; Who's Who; Phi Mu, 
membership dir. , v. -pres. ; Psychology 
Club, pres. ; Orientation leader; Geist. 

Nugent, Catherine 113 

Norfolk, Va.;B. S. English; ROTUNDA; 
Longwood Players. 

Null, Jimmie Lu 85, 86, 212 

Nunn, Wayne K. 42 

Nuttall, Leslie Elizabeth 63, 64, 73, 81, 85, 


Richmond, Va. ; B. S. Mathematics; 

Wesley Foundation, v. -pres. ; 

Y. W. C . A. , V. -pres. ; S. E. A. ; Kappa 

Delta Pi; Lychnos; ROTUNDA; Orienta- 
tion leader; Who's Who; Geist. 
Obenshain, Penelope 198 
Odom, Carolyn 235 
Ogburn, Judy 184 
O'Hare, Judith 212 
Ohl, Ruth Ann 85, 198, 222 
O'Kennon, Beverly 212 
Old, Judith Ann 157 

Portsmouth, Va.;B.A. English; B. S. U. ; 


Old, Yolanda D. 212 
Oliver, Madeline 212 
Oliver, Sandra 76, 102, 212, 218 
Olson, Karey 94, 116,233 
O'Neil, Dr. Shirley M. 33 
Orange, Nan 30 
Orchesis 87 
Organ Guild 71 
Ordogh, Naomi 30 
O'Shea, Erin Agnes 212 
Overbeck, Cheryl 212 
Overton, Liz 184 
Owens, Linda Faye 160 

Howerton, Va. ; B. S. Elementary Ed. ; 

Padgett, Deborah 85,212 
Padgett, Dianne 101,212 
Padgett, Linda S. 212 
Pagans, Linda 126 
Page, Deborah 98,212 
Page, Joyce 82,202, 212,228 
Painter, Karen 212 
Palmore, Bessie 198,227 
Palmore, Mary Katherine 74, 96, 134 

NavisA.F.B., Cal. ; B. S. English; 

Concert Choir; B. S. U. , forum chm. , 

state V. -pres. ; GYRE; Lambda Iota 

Pancoast, Shelley 85, 198 


Panhellenic Council 217 

Park, Mary Gayle 184, 217, 230, 231 

Parker, Carolyn 170 

Parker, Kathryn 98, 104, 126, 218 

Parker, Maggie 94, 184 

Parker, Martha E. 212 

Parks, Bella 93, 184 

Parrish, Cada R. 50 

Parsons, Linda Arm 73, 158, Richmond, 

Va.; B.A. Art; Philakalia; Orchesis, 

sec.-treas.; B.S.U.; publicity chm. ; 

Dorm pres. ; Miss Longwood Pageant; 

Parsons, Nancy 64,68, 71, 85, 94, 107 
Paschall, Rachel 133 
Patterson, Dr. Charles H. 43 
Patteson, Audrey 140 
Patteson, Barbara 212 
Patteson, Pamela 87, 184, 217, 222, 223 
Patteson, Patricia 198 
Paul, Jimmy H. 28 
Pauley, Evelyn 115,227 
Paxton, Barbara 198 
Payne, Betty Gail 80,87,212 
Payne, Dale 79, 184,222 
Payne. Rebecca 92 
Peace, Mary 212 
Peach, Patricia Kay 133, 230 Hopewell, 

Va.; B.A. Business Ed.; Fr. Comm.; 

Kappa Delta; Student Handbook, typist, 

asst. ed.; editor; Colleague, sec; Hall 

pres.; Y.W. C.A.; Student Directory 

chm . ; May Court 
Pearce, Val 223 
Pearman, Janet 212, 227 
Pearson, Ann 184, 230, 231 
Peck, Linda 198, 238 
Pendleton, Pamela 212, 239 
Percy, Dodie 227 
Perpall, Susan 212 
Perry, Mildred Elaine 152 Richmond, Va.; 

B.S. Elementary Ed.; Wesley Foundation. 
Perry, Janice 212 
Perry, Patricia 184, 186, 233 
Peters, Katherine 235 
Petersen, Christine 198 
Petersen, Sandra 64, 68, 94, 140, 217, 226, 

Petrasek, Loretta Jean 156 Springfield, Va. ; 

B.S. Speech Pathology and Audiology; 

Fr. class publicity chm.; Zeta Tau 

Alpha, ritual chm.; Pi Gamma Mu. 
Pettis, Curry Lee 99, 100, 212 
Phaup, Nancy 184 
Phi Beta Lambda 72 
Philakalia 73 

Phillips, Annie 74, 161,219 
Phillips, Gwendolyn 184, 221 
Phillips, Susan 237 
Phi Mu 232, 233 
Pickett, Janet M. 156 Lexington, Va. ; 

B.S. Elementary Ed. 
Pi Delta Epsilon 74 
Pierce, Anne 212 
Pierce, Janet 212 

Pierce, Karen 212 

Pi Gamma Mu 69 

Pike, Linda 198 

Pinney, Shirley 212 

Pi Omega Pi 72 

Pitts, Pamela 212 

Pixley, Lynda 198 

Poetter, Deborah 212 

Political Science Club 79 

Pond, Dianne C. 198, 232 

Pool, Alice F. 212 

Porter Donna 212 

Porter, Janice 83, 87, 94, 198 

Powell, Marianne 115 

Powell, Kay 190, 235 

Pre as, Flo 30 

Prease, Brenda 198 

Pretlowe, Lila 229 

Price, Beverly 198 

Price, Karen 198, 233 

Primm, Camille 78, 198 

Primm, Julia 79, 80, 163, 219 Alexandria, 
Va.; B.S. Social Sci.; Alpha Gamma 
Delta, social chm.; corres. sec; Hall 
pres.; Young Democrats; Political Sci. 
Club, treas.; Orientation leader. 

Proffitt, Susan 212, 228 

Pugh, Deborah 198 

Pugh, Jerryetta 212 

Pulley, Margaret 101, 104, 198 

Pulliara, Margaret Ann 122, 233 

Pullig, Joanne 212 

Purcell, Barbara Jo 212 

Purcell, Margaret 93, 212 

Puryear, Susan 85, 212 

Putney, Joan 76, 83, 198, 238 

Pyle, Gerald J.; Jr., 45 

Quesenberry, Jane 135, 226 

Quillen, Beverly 212 

Quinn, Patricia 94, 131, 168 McLean, Va. ; 
B.S. English; Dorm pres.; Longwood 
Players, sec, techical dir. ; Alpha 
Psi Omega, v. -pres.; Sr. class v. -pres. 

Ra, Dr. Jung B. 35 

Ra, Pil-Yull 51 

Raines, Elizabeth 212 

Rakes, Nancy 198 

Ramsey, Elizabeth 212 

Randolph, Jill Adele 64, 71, 117, 233 Nor- 
folk, Va.; B.A. Spanish and French; 
French Club; VIRGINLAN, editor; Pub- 
lications Board, chm.; S.E.A. ; B.S.U.; 
Phi Mu; Pi Delta Epsilon. 

Raney, Darla 85, 93, 212 

Rankin, Linda 141 Richmond, Va. ; B.S. 
Business Ed.; Phi Beta Lambda. 

Raper, Melanie Sue 83, 198 

Rasnick, LaDonna 198, 230 
Rateau, Jo Ann 84, 184, 238 

Rawlings, Judy 198, 228 

Reamy, Martha 212 

Reed, Cynthia Marie 77, 184, 219 

Reese, Terri L. 100, 212 

Register, Jane Lee 168 Hampton, Va.; B.S. 
Mathematics; Soph, asst.; Wesley Found- 

ation; S.E.A.; Orientation leader. 
Re id, Jo Ellen 198 
Reiter, Ethel 198 
Remsburg, Debbie 172, 225 
Repole, Marty 93, 199 
Residence Board 77 
Revere, Diane 213 
Rew, Linda 184, 225 
Reynolds, Linda 199 
Reynolds, Margaret Faye 76, 110 Prospect, 

Va. ; B.S. Home Ec ; Judicial Board; 

Home Ec. ; Judicial Board; Home Ec. 

Club; Kappa Omicron Phi, treas. 
Reynolds, Martha Jeann 166, 230 Richmond, 

Va.; B.A. French; Kappa Delta, asst. 

treas., treas.; Alpha Lambda Delta; 

Lambda Iota Tau; Academic Affairs 

Comm., French Club. 
Reynolds, Nancy C. 213 
Rhodes, Donna 213 
Rhodes, Elizabeth Sue 128, 226 Waynesboro, 

Va.; B.S. Elementary Ed.; Alpha Sigma 

Alpha, chaplain; S.E.A. 
Rhodes, Ramona 185, 225 
Rice, Charlene 199 
Rice, Glenda 199 
Richard, Elizabeth 213 
Richards, Doris 94 
Richards, Florence 83, 199 
Richardson, Andrea 227 
Richardson, Jeanne 70, 71, 85, 185 
Richey, Elizabeth 213 
Richmond, Anne 93, 213, 236 
Riccle, Patricia 131 
Rilee, Donna Kay 129 Gloucester, Va.; 

B.S. Elementary Ed.; S.E.A. 
Rilee, Robb 213,228 
Rimes, Kerry 102 
Rinaldi, Susanne 75, 185, 234 
Ripley, Raye E. 101, 104 
Ritchie, Martha 213, 236 
Rives, Frances 213, 236 
Robbins, Jean 129 
Roberson, Anna Marie 199 
Roberts, Karen 119 
Robertson, Hallie Virginia 185, 239 
Robertson, Kathy 85, 213 
Robinson, Gwendolyn 230 
Rock, Martha 30 
Rogers, Candy 73, 226 
Rogers, Elizabeth 104, 238 
Rogers, Margaret 236 
Rohrbaugh, Linda F. 199 
Rollins, Jane 130 
Roop, Susan 185, 230, 231 
Rosecrans, Gary W. , Asst. Prof., Educ. 
Ross, Annie Lee 52 
Ross, Bonnie E. 74, 185 
Ross, Mar>' Weber 121, 231 Rocky River, 

Ohio; B.S. Elementary Ed.; House Coun- 
cil; Colleagues; S.E.A.; Kappa Delta, 

sec, pres. 
ROTUNDA 90, 91 
Rouillard, Paul G. 44 
Roukema, Barbara Jean 138 Richmond, Va. 

B.A. English; S.E.A. Longwood Players; 
Residence Board; Orientation Leader; 
Who's Who. 
Rountree, Brenda Dayle 154,231 Richmond, 
Va.; B.S. Elementary Ed.; Colleague; 
Kappa Delta Pi; Kappa Delta. 
Rourke, Dianne 199 
Rowe, Belva 72, 199, 229 
Rowe, Sarah F. 185 
Roy, Pamela D. 213 
Rubley, Earl A. 56 
Rumpf, Linda 78, 157 
Rush, Wanda 150 
Russell, Janis 80, 87, 213, 220 
Russell, Shirley 199 
Rutherford, Rebecca 213 
Ryan, Mary 222 
Ryder, Beverly 74, 76, 79, 147 
St. Clair, Jo Anne 80, 185 
St. John, Linda Sue 136 
Sakshaug, Jane 185 

Sale, Frances Ellen 145, 233 Virginia Beach, 
Va. ; B.S. Biology; Granddaughter's 
Club; Phi Mu; Archery. 
Salle, Emily 73, 166 Moseley, Va.; B.S. 
Biology; Alpha Lambda Delta, reporter; 
French Club; Lychnos, pres. ; S.E. A.; 
Salle, Nancy B. 213 
Sampselle, Mary 77, 101, 213, 222 
Sanders, Carol 185,227 
Sanderson, Brenda 78, 79, 93, 213 
Sandidge, Ben D. 33 

Sandkam, Aleta Carol 156, 221 Barrington, 
111.; B.S. Elementary Ed.; Alpha Delta 
Pi; VIRGINLAN; Sr. class hist. ; May 
Day, scenery co-chm. 
Santore, Ann 103, 213 
Santoro, Jacqueline 98 

Sasser, Lucinda Faye 85, 108 Emporia, Va. ; 
Bachelor of Music Ed. ; M. E. N. C. , sec. ; 
Concert Choir; Organ Guild, v. -pres. 
Sattershite, Belinda Sue 85, 213 
Saunders, Diana A. Dept. of Foreign Lang. 
Saunders, Joyce 213 
Saunders, Pamela 186 
Saunders, Phyllis 234 
Savage, Betty 186, 222, 223 
Savage, Helen B. 36 
Sayles, Nan F. 213 
Schaefer, Margaret A. 186, 236 
Schatz, Cynthia 213 
Schnepf, Judith 213 
Scott, Anne 213 
Scott, Glenda 186 
Scott, Linda G. 199 
Scott, Dr. Marvin W. 40 
Scott, Miriam 213 
Scott, Nancy 199 
Scott, Susan 213 
Scruggs, Deborah 213 
Scully, Cathy 213 
Scyphers, Ona V. 130 
Seaman, Patricia 69 
Seaman, Teresa 237 

Searle, Wendy L. 213 
Seay, Judy Ann 199 
Seccuro, Rebecca 213 
Seifert, Kathleen 84, 199, 

Sell, Rita 186, 231 

Sellers, Pamella 150, 218 

Servies, Lesley Carol 199 

Servies, Loraine 213 

Seyler, Janet 213 

Shannon, Maureen G. 117 Annapolis, Md. ; 
B.S. Biology; GYRE; Pi Gamma Mu. 

Sharpe, Janet Blair 148 Mineral, Va.;B.S. 
Biology, Hall pres.; House Assoc; Fr. 
asst.; Orchesis; VIRGINIAN. 

Sharr, Lee 82, 91, 213, 220 

Shaw, Beverly 138, 227 

Shaw, Patricia 83, 199, 234 

Shea, Alison 78, 235 

Shealor, Susan 213 

Shell, Mary Ellen 83, 199 

Shelton, Linda 213 

Shelton, Loretta 71, 147 

Sherertz, Lynn 82, 213, 219 

Sherman, Ann 234 

Sherrard, Mary Jo 91, 213, 239 

Shield, Connie 214 

Shiffler, Marguerite 214 

Sigma Slpha Iota 71 

Sigma Kappa 234, 235 

Sigma Sigma Sigma 236, 237 

Silveira, Maria C. 56 

Silveira, Miguel A. 49 

Simmons, Kathy M. 214, 236 

Simmons, Stella Ann 199 

Simmons, Rose Mary 199 

Simms, Margaret 199 

Simons, Anita 199 

Simons, Elizabeth 141 Feildale, Va.;B.S. 
Elementary Ed. 

Simpson, Mrs. Lucy 222 

Singer, Teresa Ann 214 

Sivert, Stephanie 79, 84, 214 

Skinner, Nellwyn 81, 94, 199 

Skinner, Susan 199 

Skinner, Tink 145, 236, 237 

Skipwith, Janice 118 

Slayton, Laura 199 

Slye, Betsy 214 

Smalley, Linda 214 

Smiley, Mary 93, 214 

Smith, Dr. Barbara B. 55, 103 

Smith, Deborah 199 

Smith, Elizabeth 199 

Smith, Ellen 176 

Smith, Irene Annie 93, 214, 222 

Smith, Julia 186, 229 

Smith, Julie 76, 78, 172, 186, 228, 234 

Smith, Linda Wood 85, 154 Mechanicsville, 
Va.; B.S. English; Spanish Club; VIR- 
GINLAN, Fr. ed., copy ed. ; M. E. N. C. ; 
Young Republicans. 

Smith, Margaret 214 

Smith, Merlyn 148, 221 

Smith, Penney Sue 73, 85, 136 Wakefield, 
Va. ; B.S. Mathematics; Wesley Foimd- 

ation, pres.; Lychnos; Jr. asst.; Orient- 
ation leader; Hall pres.; Y.W. C.A.; 
Honors Council. 

Smith, Sallie 186 

Smith, Sandra 144 

Smith, Sharon 83, 199, 223 

Smith, Susan 85, 87, 199, 223 

Smith, Sylvia 214 

Smith, Travis 214 

Smith, Vicki Lea 214, 239 

Smith, Vicky L. 70, 71, 85, 151 Farmville, 
Va. ; Bachelor of Music Ed. ; Sigma 
Alpha Iota, chaplain; M.E. N.C.; Con- 
cert Choir; Organ Guild, pres.; Zeta 
Tau Alpha. 

Smoral, Catherine 104, 190, 218 

Snead, Deborah 214 

Snead, Bay 93, 199, 221 

Snead, Linda 186, 233 

Snead, Wanda 199 

Snead, Virginia 186 

Sneade, Elizabeth 199 

Sneller, Dr. Jo Leslie 58 

Sneller, Dr. Maurice P. Assoc. Prof., 

Snellings, Barbara Matthews 64, 67, 70, 99, 
155 Fredericksburg, Va. ; B.S. Health 
and Phys. Ed.; Lacrosse; Hockey; Basket- 
ball; Delta Psi Kappa, pres.; Honors 
Council; Athletic Assoc. 

Sodini, Frances 79, 80, 186 

Sordelett, Linda 186 

Soslowski, Mary 101,214, 221 

Southall, Leona Merle 83, 228, 229 

Southworth, Brenda 70, 73, 74, 182, 186 

Southworth, Linda 67, 93, 97, 98, 103, 182, 

Sowder, Dr. William J. 39 

Sowers, Mary Lou 186, 219 

Spady, Karen 186 

Spanish Club 78 

Sparrow, Pamela 214 

Spence, Dianne 111,217,224 

Spence, Sandra 214 

Spicer, Wanda 186,223 

Spillan, Trisha 94, 186,233 

Spitzer, Mary Jane 74, 143, 238, 239 Hairi- 
sonbtirg, Va.; B.S. Elementary Ed. ; Zeta 
Tau Alpha, hist.; S.E.A. ; Kappa Delta 

Spivey, Carol 199,227 

Sprague, Dr. Rosemary 32 

Spreeman, Kay 214 

Springer, Homer 38 

Sprint, Evolyn 69, 132,238 Winchester, 
Va.; B.S. Elementary Ed.; Corkettes; 
S.E.A., v.-pres.; Orientation leader; 
Zeta Tau Alpha, pres. 

Sprue 11, Carol 214 

Spruill, Donna 214 

Stagg, Adri 187 

Stallings, Linda 199 

Stanfield, Margarette 96 

Stanford, Laura Lee 83, 199,227 

Stanley, Lynda 148 

Starmont, Carolyn 101, 102, 214 
Statzer, Ethel 199 
Steele, Susan 187 
Stephens, Cathy 214 
Stephens, Laura 214 
Stephenson, Julia 82, 85, 96, 200 
Sterling, Arlene214 
Stevens, Pokey 83, 200, 237 
Stevens, Elizabeth 187 
Stewart, Judy 200 
Stidd, Margaret 200, 222 
SttUman, Margaret 214 
Stinnett, Sue Ellen 200 
Stoakes, Susan 164,234,235 
Stone, Linda Faye 214,218 
Stone, Maxine 77, 100, 187,224 
Stout, Elizabeth Dianne 85, 170 Roanoke, 
Va.; B.S. Elementary Ed.; Concert 
Choir, libr.; M.E.N.C; B.S.U.; Wes- 
ley Foundation; Y.W.C.A.; Infirmary 
comm.; Hall pres.; Soph asst.; Exam 
comm.; Beta Sigma Phi. 
Stout, Nancy 85,200 
Strickland, Brenda 200 
Strickler, Margaret 187, 221 
Stroud, Sharon 79, 187 
Stublen, Belinda 214, 237 
Student Education Association (S.E.A.) 80 
Stutz, Susan 101 

Styles, Ethel B. 70, 109 Lynchburg, Va. ; 
B.S. Home Ec. ; Home Ec. Club; Kappa 
Omicron Phi, reporter. 
Suddith, Cheryl Hope 86, 171, 237 Rich- 
mond, Va.; B.S. English; Sigma Sigma 
Sullivan, Margaret Elizabeth 137 Norfolk, 

Va. ; B.S. Elementary Ed. 
Surface, Helen 214 
Suter, Maria 155, 224 

Swain, Janet Lynn 200 

Swann, Katherine Delight 171 

Sweet, Marsha L. 214 

Swertfeger, Dr. Floyd' F. 59 

Sydnor, Mary Anne 200 

Talbot, Carolyn 214 

Talbot, Susan 187, 227 

Taliaferro, Joyce 156,239 

Taliaferro, RuthS. 37,88 

Talley, Amelia 73, 111 

Talley, Audrey 214 

Talley, Wanda 187 

Tate, Judith 214 

Tavares, Elizabeth 94, 200 

Tavel, Claire 236 

Tayloe, Elizabeth 200 

Taylor, Anne 94, 187 

Taylor, Judith 122, 233 

Taylor, Lucille 214 

Taylor, Lee 187 

Taylor, Vikki Mary 214 

Teague, Cathy 102, 214, 225 

Temple, Joyce Ann 63, 64, 72, 74, 153, 221 Prince 
George, Va.; B.S. Business Ed.; Kappa Delta 
Pi; Who's Who; Pi Delta Epsilon, treas.; VIR- 
GINIAN, asst. bus. manager, bus. manager; 

Phi Beta Lambda; S. E. A. ; May Court; Alpha 
Delta Pi, pres.; Academic Affairs Comm., 
chm.; Ring Dance comm. chm. ; Pi Omega Pi, 
sec; Athletic Assoc. 

Tench, Frances, 214 

Tench Marcia 97, 101 

Terrell, Margaret 214, 228 

Terry, Joyce Virginia 82, 96, 160 South Boston, 
Va.;B.A. Spanish; B.S. U. , enlistment chm. , 
sec; Spanish Club; Granddaughter's Club; Resi- 
dent counselor. 

Tew, Alexis 225 

Thacker, Pat 109 

Theroux, Dr. Alexander 51 

Thomas, Amy 214 

Thomas, Anita 168 

Thomas, Beverly 94, 187 

Thomas, F. Edgar, Jr. 41 

Thomas, Judith A. 200 

Thomas, Judith M. 163, 234, 235 

Thomas, Linda Fay 132,232 Richmond, Va.; B.S. 
Elementary Ed. ; Phi Mu, chaplain. 

Thomas, Robert B. 42 

Thompson, Anita 144 

Thompson, Carolyn 70, 101, 103 

Thompson, Charlotte 187 

Thompson, Patricia 214, 237 

Thompson, Sandra 214, 239 

Thompson, Susan 85 

Thorn, Deborah 188 

Thurston, Barbara 97, 104, 200 

Tice, Joyce Faye 159 

Tigue, Joanne 188, 235 

Tilman, Martha Lynn 214 

Tinnell, Wayne H. Dept. of Science 

Tipton, Brenda G. 200 

Tirelis, Martha 200, 226 

Tisdale, Barbara 200 

Todd, Joanne 83, 200, 218 

Togger, Cynthia 200 

Tomlin, Sherry 151 

Tomlin, Terxi Ann 214 

Toney, Katherine 200, 222 

Treanor, Janet 93, 214 

Trent, Kate G. 36 

Trexler, Judy 128 

Trickey, Wanda 214 

Trimble, Laura 83, 200, 230 

Trogdon, Faith L. 214 

Trogdon, Susan 200 

Tuck, Deborah 214 

Tuck, Janice 214 

Tucker, Monique 214, 232 

Tunkel, Carol 215 

Tunstall, Paula 188 

Tureman. Nancy 215 

Turner, Beverly 215 

Turner, Dian 103, 108 

Turner, Judy Kaye 77, 101, 104, 113, 218 
Danville, Va.;B.S. Health and Phys. 
Ed. ; Athletic Assoc. ; Basketball, co- 
capt. ; Tennis; Hockey; Alpha Gamma 
Delta; Residence Board; Dorm pres.; 

Turner, Sherry 85, 215, 237 

Turner, Suzanne 63, 65, 73, 97, 103. 135, 218 

Tyndall, Nita 215 

Tyson, Cynthia 215 

Umbdenstock, Carol 77, 102, 172, 188, 219 

Underwood, Glenda Faye 144 Smithfield, 

Va.; B.S. Elementary Ed.; S.E.A. 
Umes, Michelle 200, 233 
Vaden, Elizabeth 200 
Vanderberry, Cathy 228 
VanCantfort, Terr/ 83, 190, 200, 225 
Vanhorn, Lynda 200 
Vanhorn, Jeanie 215 
Vann, Cameron 215, 230 
Vanvalkenburg, Sherry 200 
Vascott, Vivian 68, 94, 190 
Vass, Danise 74, 120 
Vasser, Edwin H. 54 
Vanghan, Janet 200 
Vaughan, Dillard Sara 64, 76, 142, 218 

Richmond, Va.; B.S. Art; May Day 

scenery co-chm.; Colleague; Athletic 

Assoc, field day chm.; Lacrosse; 

Orientation leader; Judicial Board; Who's 

Who; Alpha Gamma Delta. 
Vaughan, Laura 215 
Vaughan, Sandra Paige 188,236 
Vaughn, Patricia 74 
Verget, Karen 215, 228 
Vick, Sharon Lynn 188, 239 
Vierheller, Martha 215 
VIRGINL\N 92, 93 
Voyten, Willie Ann 71, 85, 94, 200 
Wacker, Phyllis G. 47 
Wadsworth, Donna Louise 73, 89, 200 
Wagner, Drew 231 
Waldron, Brenda 188 
Waldron, Donna 215 
Waldron, Gail 83, 200, 219 
Walker, Jerrie 215 
Walker, Judith 200 
Walker, Ruth Diane 200 
Wall, Linda Marie 215 
Wall, Martha 215 
Wallace, Linda 200 
Wallace, Louise 215 
Wallace, Melody 200 
Walsh, Linda 119 
Walston, Joy 188 
Walter, Brenda 200, 227 
Walter, Mary V. 215 
Walters, Joyce 215 
Walthall, Linda 201 
Walton, Bonnie 201 
Ward, Eunice F. 215 
Ward, Mary H. 93, 215 
Ware, Martha 201 
Warlick, Shirley June 83 
Warner, Brenda 201 

Watkins, Edna G. Director of Financial Aid 
Watkins, Frances Allene 96, 109 Richmond, 

Va.; B.S. Elementary Ed.; S.E.A.; 

B.S.U., pres. ; Hall pres. 
Watkins, Mary W. 29 
Watson, Pamela 202 
Watts, Lynwood 165 


Webb, Cathryn 85, 86, 215 

Webb, Charlotte Kay 131,230 Waynesboro, 
Va.; B.A. English; Corkettes; Kappa 

Webb) Margaret 201, 239 

Weeks, Debra 215 

Weeks, Katherine 82, 215, 234 

Wkkes, Pamela Cherie 67, 70, 75, 106, 235 
Arlington, Va.;B.A. Health and Phys. 
Ed.; Freshman Comm., pres.; May 
court, queen; Colleagues; Legislative 
Board; Academic Affairs Comm.; Hoc- 
key; Sigma Kappa; Soph, class v. -pres.; 
Delta Psi Kappa, treas.; Who's Who; 
Social Standards comm. chm.; Orienta- 
tion leader; Miss Longwood Pageant, chm. 

Weisiger, Ann 103, 201, 236 

Welchlin, Sarah 114 

Wells, Dr. Carolyn O. 29 

Wells, Lois 67, 71, 72, 81, 89, 92, 96, 188, 221 

Wells, Dr. L. E. 31 

Wendt, Vicki Jo 215 

Wesley Foundation 85 

West, Rebecca 82, 202, 218 

Wetmore, Mary 201, 227 

Weymouth, Diane 90, 93, 97, 215 

Whitacre, Barbara 201 

Whitaker, Ella 215 

White, Cheryl 67, 72, 74, 188 

White, Jacqueline Lee 86, 113,235 Virginia 
Beach, Va. ; Bachelor of Music Ed. ; May 
Day chm. Madrigals, sec. -treas.; Con- 
cert Choir, treas.; Organ Guild, sec; 
M.E.N.C.; Sigma Kappa; Hall pres. 

White, Lynda 188 

White, Patsy 215 

White, Valena 89,215,228 

Whitehead, Mary Lou 65, 76, 150, 217, 238 
Emporia, Va. ; B.A. English and Speech; 
Fr. class hist. ; Judicial Board; Zeta Tau 
Alpha; Panhellenic, alternate, v. -pres., 
pres.; Orientation leader; S.E.A.; Who's 

Whitehurst, Gail 215 

Whitehurst, Janet 215 

Whitehurst, Martha 189, 238 

Whitlock, Donna 201 

Whitlock, Joyce 215, 226 

Whitt, Ercelle 30 

Whitted, Vivian Joyce 65, 74, 139 Willow 
Street, Pen.; B.A. English; Alpha Lam- 
bda Delta, V. -pres. ; Assemby comm. 
chm.; Student asst. ; Kappa Delta Pi, v.- 
pres.; Lambda Iota Tau; S.E.A.; Who's 
Who; Y.W. C.A. Christmas Madonna. 

Wholey, Mary Alice 64, 67, 74, 121, 233 

Lawrenceville, Va.;B.S. Elementary Ed. ; 
Alpha Lambda Delta; House Assoc; 
Hall pres.; Phi Mu; Soph, asst.; Kappa 
Delta Pi; Honors Council, chm.; S.E.A.; 

Orientation leader; Honors Comm.; 
Who's Who. 

Who' Who in American Colleges and Univer- 
sities 64, 65 

Wickham, Pam 216 

Wiley, Jane F. 201 

Wilkerson, Joyce 189 

Wilkes, Cassandra 75, 189, 219 

Wilkes, Sue Ann 83,201 

Willett, Dr. Henry I., Jr. 26,27 

Williams, Connie 63, 73, 74, 172, 225 

Williams, Deborah 114 

Williams, Frank 29 

Williams, Laura 201 

Williams, Margaret 140 

Williams, Marion 216 

Williams, Martha 189, 228, 229 

Williams, Terry 235 

Williams, Sherry 189 

Williams, Teresa 201 

Willis, Katherine 216 

Wilson, Katherine May 102, 189, 221 

Wilson, Margaret Lynne 87,94, 201,221 

Wilson, Phyllis 80, 182, 220 

Wilson, Dr. Ruth B. 28 

Wilson, Sandra Lynn 98, 189 

Wilton, Suzanne 201 

Witshire, Janie 216 

Wimmer, Judy 82, 216, 239 

Winans, Sue 201 

Windle, Martha Stuart 79, 80, 1 15, 220 
Shreveport, Va.; B.S. History and So- 
cial Sci.; Alpha Delta Pi; Fr. Comm.; 
Soph, asst.; Concert Choir; Y.W.C.A.; 
Political Sci. Club Young Democrats, 
sec; Canterbury Club; Athletic Assoc; 
Ring Dance comm. 

Wine, Brenda 93, 216 

Winfield, Sarah 72, 189 

Winn, Cheryl 189 

Winn, Peggy Ann 137, 224 Orange, Va. ; 
B.S. Elementary Ed.; Alpha Sigma 
Tau, v.-pres.; S.E.A.; Orientation 
leader; VIRGINIAN. 

Winslow, Beth 216 

Winston, Faleta 216 

Witt, Linda 201 

Womack, Alna Gail 68, 94, 114 Halifax, 
Va.; B.A. Spanish; Alpha Psi Omega; 
Longwood Players; Spanish Club; Soph, 
asst. ; Wesley Foundation. 

Womack, Susan 216 

Wood, Karen Marie 216 

Wood, Sarah Amelia 189,231 

Wood, Shirley 216 

Woodburn, Mary S. 62, 217, 236 

Woodburn, Robert J. 62 

V/oodhead, Mary Ellen 189 

Wooding, Elizabeth 19, 189 

Woodlief, Diana Lynn 83, 201, 219 

Woods, Beverly Mae 201 
Wooldridge, Jane 216 
Woolf, Susan 216, 237 
Woolfolk, Jeanene 72, 74, 82, 189, 225 
Wooling, Betty 123 
Woolling, Koky 128, 230 
Woolson, Sharon 80, 189, 233 
Woosley, Cheryl 74, 132 
Woosley, Mimi 189, 230 
Wornom, Pat 94 
Worsley, Amy 216 
Wortham, Sharon 216 
Worthington, Lise 90, 104 
Wright, Joyce 189 

Wright, Julie Ann 64, 77, 118, 225 Virginia 
Beach, Va.; B.S. Elementary Ed.; Al- 
pha Sigma Tau, chaplain; Colleagues; 
Miss Longwood Pageant Comm. ; Resi- 
dence Board, fire warden, v.-pres.- 
Orientation leader; S.E.A.; V. A.S.G. 
Convention; Who's Who. 
Wright, Wanda 233 
Wu, Robert S. 54 

Wyant, Theresa Ann 116 Charlottesville, 
Va.; B.S. Elementary Ed.; Young Dem- 
ocrats; Granddaughter's Club; Wesley 
Wyman, KatUeen Amelia 63, 68, 69, 71, 74, 
78, 85, 94, 145 Chesapeake, Va.;B.A. 
French; B.S. U., center chm., summer 
missions chm.; French Club, pres.; 
S.E.A.; M.E.N.C.; Y.W.C.A.; Lambda 
Iota Tau, treas.; Sigma Alpha Iota; 
Kappa Delta Pi; Pi Gamma Mu; Alpha 
Psi Omega; Concert Choir; Longwood 
Players; Geist. 
Wymer, Stephanie 201 

Yancey, Emily Ann 138, 224 Virginia Beach, 
Va.; B.S. Elementary Ed.; Miss Long- 
wood Pageant, program coram.; Col- 
leagues; Alpha Sigma Tau, second v.- 
pres. ; Orientation leader. 
Yau Ka, Becky 216 
Yeatts, Brenda Sue 67, 78, 201 
Yeatts, Gayle 69, 79, 89, 91 Rustburg, Va.; 
B.A. English; Young Republicans, treas., 
sec; Fr. Choir; French Club, reporter; 
Gyre; Lambda Iota tau; Political Sci.' 
Club; Jr. asst. 
York, Vickie 167, 238 
Young, Carol 231 
Young Democrats 80 
Young, Jennifer, 67, 68, 69, 89, 94, 153 
Yoiuig, Republicans 79 
Young Women's Christian Association 

(Y.W. C.A.) 81 
Zeta Tau Alpha 238, 239 
Zimmermann, Marcia 216, 228 


The 1970 Virginian staff gratefully acknowledges the cooperation of 
Random House, Inc. in granting permission to reprint selected passages from 
Ann Morrow Lindbergh's Gift from the Sea (copyright 1955). 

Photography credits: Dave Baldini, Barbara Blythe, Don Hall Studios of 
Roanoke, Nona Davis, Frank Doyle, Walter M. Hathaway, Longwood Public 
Relations, Dr. Patton Lockwood, Margaret Nuckols, "Roanoke Times", Diane 



When we start at the center 

of ourselves, 

we discover something worthwhile 

extending toward the periphery of 

the circle. 
We find again some of the joy in 

the now, 

some of the peace in the here, 

some of the love in me and thee 

which go to make up 

the kingdom of 

heaven on earth. 


This is only a beginning.